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Turn Up Charlie Episode 7 explores the self-destructive route of Charlie’s path, as he starts to repeat his past.

This recap of Turn Up Charlie episode 7 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 7 skipped forward slightly; the new tune that Charlie (Idris Elba) created with Sara (Piper Perabo) has given him a platform, so he joined his dodgy agent in Ibiza to do a gig tour at various clubs. The episode begins with various montages of Charlie enjoying his gigs, enjoying drugs and enjoying women.

Unfortunately, Charlie gets too big for his boots and consumes the lifestyle toxically as he did in the past. He believes he deserves a bigger club, so his agent manages to secure him a meeting at one of Ibiza’s best clubs. He shows up late to the morning and has no new music to show to the club manager, so he is dismissed. His agent also drops him.

His friend Del (Guz Khan) gives him some cold truths about his career, and how his selfish ways have always self-destructed his career, but Charlie bitterly cannot accept that. He ends up getting himself into a struggle with a doorman at a club and arrested by the police. This leads to a phone call with his parents where he admits everything; his lies, his failing career and who he is as a person.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 7 shows the turning point for Idris Elba’s character as he decides to give Ibiza another chance and instead of consuming as many drugs as possible and sleeping with women, he’ll work hard. He chooses to do the less glamorous club tours and leaving his pride at home.

Sara and Gabby show up to see him perform in Ibiza and catch up. Sara has a gig planned in Ibiza too. As we head into the final episode, Charlie is on the cusp of getting his career back.

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  • March 17, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    I love the intro to this episode. I have to believe it’s a tribute to Keith Flint, it’s straight inspired by Smack my ***** Up.


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