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Providing an open ending for season 2, Turn Up Charlie Episode 8 shows the entire group of characters imploding.

This recap of Turn Up Charlie episode 8 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 8 went the way I expected; drama, twists and turns. Charlie (Idris Elba) has got everything he now wants – a healthy run of gigs in Ibiza, a good set behind him and his popularity raising. But the episode felt like something was bubbling underneath it all, and it all started when Astrid, Sara’s (Piper Perabo) agent, the woman he has been sleeping with, wants to leave her current client and manage Charlie. It’s useful to know that Astrid prefers the high-life, and Sara’s reluctance to travel the globe has set her back.

With Sara turning up to Ibiza, she wants to celebrate Charlie’s rise. He tells her that Astrid has managed to get her a good gig, and he wants her to listen to some music; the pair smoke, drink and take drugs in an overnight session, which ends with them playing Snog, Marry or Shag. They then realize they cannot consider the option shag due to her husband, and Charlie is his best friend. It gave an unspoken period. They fall asleep next to each other.

Turn Up Charlie Episode 8

The next day, David (JJ Feild) catches them asleep on the sunbeds. He says he has a surprise. The next scene he is proposing to her, even though they are already married. As Sara hesitates, and Astrid joins the scene excitedly, David blows up, accusing Sara and Charlie of wanting each other. The pair deny this, but then Astrid then weighs in, suggesting she felt the same. Gabby intervenes and explains she overheard Astrid and Charlie talking of teaming up together and taking on the world. This scene serves one significant implosion, where all the characters aired all their feelings.

When it all cools down, Astrid explains to Sara that this is for the best because she’s saving her marriage by leaving her as the agent and joining Charlie. Sara speaks to Charlie, explaining she is happy for him. Gabby walks into the bedroom where their parents are, and a decision has been made for her father to go to South Africa, and Gabby and her mum go to London. It seems they have broken up for good.

The episode ends with Charlie performing his set at a high profile gig with his agent on stage. He appears to be sold on joining her. Gabby and her friend show up to support him, and they spend the evening talking, leaving the entire story hanging by a thread. Maybe there will be a season 2? Who knows.

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