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March 16, 2019 (Last updated: March 17, 2019)
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Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 ties up loose ends naturally as the series draws closer to the final chapters.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The beginning of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 is a montage of Eun-ho (Jong-Suk Lee) looking after Mr Kang. After a lot of scrummaging through old diary entries, Dan-i (Nayoung Lee) learns that the retired author has Alzheimer’s, and Eun-ho has been visiting him regularly. Episode 15 is beginning to tie up loose ends that have been burning slowly since the start of the series.

Dan-i apologises to Eun-ho for not being there for him sooner, wishing she was more aware of what was happening. Their years of friendship have blinded what was going on with her best friend, but Eun-ho does not spend time blaming his pain on her but instead comforts Dan-i and appears grateful that the weight of keeping it a secret is now off his shoulders.

The story of Mr Kang continues as Ji-yul hurriedly provides Hae-rin with what is perceived to be Mr Kang’s last novel. But Eun-ho knows Mr Kang is not able to write anymore and investigates. There is an email address on the manuscript, and when Eun-ho sends an initial message, Seo-jun is the receiver. Seo-jun responds to the email still in disguise as a mystery author, giving Eun-ho one week to publish it.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 has Dan-i clashing with her new bosses at the small publishing company. She struggles to justify publishing mediocre content and even figures out that the book she is assigned to marketing has translations that have been copied and pasted from different sources. Her boss shrugs off the matter. The world is much less caring in smaller publishing companies.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 Recap

As a side story, Park Hoon manages to get a date off Tinder, making Jo-yul wildly jealous, tracking down the girl and threatening her. This was a predictable narrative, yet still amuses all the same.

The second half of Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 provides an upswing of luck for Dan-i. It turns out that she won the competition held by the company she has just left due to recruitment issues. The management is sweating about the result, but Eun-ho understands the repercussions of Dan-i winning and is over the moon. Because she wins it, the regulations have a special recruitment policy claiming they can hire her.

Dan-i is unaware of her competition win, but due to her principles she resigns from the small publishing company and on the way out President Kim offers Dan-i a job back at his firm, in the marketing department. Dan-i cutely plays hardball, managing to get pay rises and a suitable role. Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 gives Dan-i what she finally deserves -recognition.

As Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 15 closes out, Hae-rin figures out that it was Seo-hun who sent the manuscript and tells Eun-ho. Dan-i and Eun-ho put the logical scenarios together and conclude that he is Mr Kang’s son. Eun-ho decides to meet up with him.

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