‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 15 Recap

March 18, 2019 (Last updated: March 25, 2019)
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Charmed is as convoluted as ever with information overload, but Episode 15, “Switches & Stones”, ends on a satisfying cliffhanger.

This recap of Charmed Episode 15, “Switches & Stones“, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

In last week’s episode, I seemingly missed who the woman at the end was who seemed shocked to be breathing. Jada explains to Mel (Melonie Diaz) that she’s The Keeper of the Sacred Flame, and she takes her out in the middle of grim-looking woodlands to find a stone that will restore all her powers. Episode 15, “Switches & Stones”, gives us plenty of background about Charity, as Jada explains The Keeper of the Sacred Flame is her sister Fiona. Due to her uncontrollable and insurmountable powers, the Elders kept her banished in hell.

But to complicate matters between the sisters, Macy (Madeleine Mantock) goes to Charity and the Elders regarding the growing demonic identity growing within her body. The Elders are strange folk, with most of them keeping their faces veiled, apart from one, who has a keen interest in her. They decide to analyze Macy, who is paranoid that they are going to destroy her if they feel her demonlike ways will be beyond fixing. “Switches & Stones” does not help Macy’s defense against the Elders, as she believes when she’s asleep at night she scours the streets and turns people into stone.

And the situation gets stranger in Episode 15, as Mel and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) accidentally switch bodies. According to Harry (Rupert Evans), when Maggie and Parker had sex and accidentally crashed through under the house into the hidden temple, they became exposed to a powerful vortex, that can be used to amplify a witch or any being. It’s strange because I believe the couple having sex lit this vortex, that awakened Fiona.

Charmed Episode 15 Switches & Stones Recap

But then, why is Parker’s father not delving into the situation – he is the one that has manipulated Maggie and Parker getting back together? Maybe I am on the wrong lines, but regardless, the vortex amplified Maggie’s powers, which is based on empathy, and when arguing with Mel, they switched bodies.

Eventually, after much exposition, “Switches & Stones” explains that a witch named Medusa is turning people into stone. The Elders explain that Macy is somehow linked to her. Medusa was shamed and raped by a powerful man and had been seeking revenge for years. The Elders are adamant she must be destroyed, but Macy sympathizes, explaining that she is cursed like her and that they must find another way.

Maggie (as Mel) visits Jada to keep up with their temporary disguise and shockingly discovers Fiona. While Mel (as Maggie) attends the kappa party to help her integrate back into the sorority house. The party is where Medusa is, who starts turning people into stone. Macy learns that people only turn into stone when they do not look at her, and she wants to be seen. She looks straight at her and explains that she did not deserve what happened to her, and they will do anything to help her. Medusa lets go and finally vanishes, ending what is essentially a #MeToo storyline of a woman that was abused by men in power.

As “Switches & Stones” ends, the Elders report back to Macy and learn that she can see into a Demon’s mind, and call it “The Evil Eye”. Macy is not impressed that they want to use her to track down demons on behalf of the Elders, but they have more in mind. The Elders amplify her powers so she can see who murdered their mother – Macy sees Charity, and as her vision is lifted, Charity murders the Elder. The rebooted Charmed finally gives a cliffhanger worth caring about.

You can check out our thoughts on the next episode by clicking these words.

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