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The Bay Episode 1 opens up the series with a great leading performance from Morven Christie, but the story itself lacks emotional punch.

This recap of The Bay Episode 1 contains spoilers.

Another week, another ITV Drama. The Bay Episode 1 makes it flagrantly clear that D.S. Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) enjoys the routine nightlife, but is also able to snap into professionalism with a daunting hangover the next day. As she enters the workplace with a suspect tinge of alcohol on her breath, her boss delivers a report of two missing children; twins Dillian and Holly Meredith. Lisa has been assigned as the Family Liason Officer, required to provide any updates to the parents.

As for first impressions of the character, Lisa is a natural at dealing with a family crisis as part of her role, calming the mother Jessica very quickly. Her day quickly turns upside down when the father Sean walks in, and she urgently realizes she slept with him the night before down the alley after a spot of karaoke. The character has to adjust emotionally, and focus back on the task at hand. The Bay Episode 1 does not hold off with any twists.

It seems that the parents are not forthcoming with the questions delivered by Lisa. You can tell the detective is sniffing a conspiracy beyond missing children. Lisa takes matters into her own hands, going from liaison to interrogation type techniques, speaking to Sean outside of their house near the sea, and another twist is revealed; he is not the father of the twins. The mother does not seem to know what the problem is, but it’s a useful fact to know when there is a possibility the children could have run off in search of their birth father.

The Bay Episode 1 Recap - ITV Drama

D.S. Lisa Armstrong is arm’s length to her mentor following her outstanding work experience, and instead demands he makes cups of teas while she gets stuck into the investigation. When she returns to the parent’s house, she asks for Sean to give a timeline of his night out, and what pubs he visited. The Bay Episode 1 makes Sean the first suspect, but he keeps his cool and answers the questions adequately. Jessica makes it clear that she hopes he did not lie.

Amongst the investigation, the school where Dillian and Holly attend, there is a student named Sam who seems aware and frustrated, teasing that he will be important later. The Bay Episode 1 continues to complicate matters for Lisa; post the general parent-plea TV conference, her daughter Abbie Armstrong (Imogen King) is suspended for fighting. And then to add weight on her shoulders, the birth father appears to help find the twins.

Lisa’s most significant fear is the CCTV in the pub, which shows Sean and her flirting and then leaving. Rather than dealing with the truth head-on, Lisa lies to her boss, explaining there is an hour unaccounted for from the night and deleted the footage. The Bay Episode 1 ends in tragic terms, with Dillian’s body, found swept on the beach, leaving Lisa no choice but to arrest Sean. Despite the fact that she slept with him that night, due to what she describes as a 10-minute sexual performance in the alleyway, she still feels he has time unaccounted for.

As a pilot, The Bay Episode 1 is an okay episode. The performances cannot be faulted especially with the leading actress Morven Christie; however, despite the subject matter, the ITV drama lacks that emotional punch.

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