‘Now Apocalypse’ Episode 4 Recap

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 24, 2019
Now Apocalypse Episode 4 Recap The Downward Spiral


“The Downward Spiral” showed the consequences of the Now Apocalypse‘s laidback approach to modern relationships, but it didn’t do much for the main plot.

This recap of Now Apocalypse Episode 4, “The Downward Spiral”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The trend of fitting titles continues in Now Apocalypse with “The Downward Spiral”. Everyone seems to be in one! Carly (Kelli Berglund) is becoming disillusioned with acting after a ludicrous audition, Ford (Beau Mirchoff) is putting himself through grueling circuit training while being tortured with visions of Severine (Roxane Mesquida) sleeping with her ex Mustafa (Alain Washnevsky), and Ulysses (Avan Jogia) is fuming that he gave in to Gabriel’s ((Tyler Posey) out-of-the-blue late-night texting only to be ignored, again, until the point that he fell asleep and woke up to find the message chain missing. Did he imagine it all?

It seems pretty obvious that there’s some kind of connection between Severine’s clandestine science job and Uly’s brewing concern with alien rapists, but thus far Now Apocalypse has only really treated Severine as a sexily-accented sexpot and not a crucial narrative component. (Insofar as the show has treated anything like a crucial narrative component, obviously.) That changes a bit in “The Downward Spiral”, where Severine is seen being creepily followed by persons as yet unknown, and her laptop containing distinctly alien-looking images.

There are some things going on, meanwhile. Ford joins a sexual support group for men called “Circle Jerk”; Carly hosts a series of interviews for a new roommate while getting increasingly annoyed both by the ludicrously “modern” applicants (one of whom is the woman who slept with Ford and Severine in Episode 2) and her increasingly demeaning side-gig as a cam girl; and Ulysses sleeps with a random (married) delivery driver.

The support group stuff is funny, even if it does develop into a faintly tragic reconciliation between Ford and Severine that is basically just Ford proving himself to be a lot stupider than she is. All paths seem to be converging on a swanky Palm Springs party that I’m sure will amount to something in the next episode. But “The Downward Spiral”, while doing little to move the main plot forwards, at least took the time to reinforce the notion that the show’s characters — yes, even its male ones — have feelings too.

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