‘The Bay’ Episode 2 | TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 27, 2019
The Bay Episode 4 Recap - ITV Drama


The Bay Episode 2 is throwing some theories at the audience, but nothing is sticking effectively, making it feel like an empty mystery.

This recap of The Bay Episode 2 contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words. 

In an emotional opening, The Bay Episode 2 addresses the dead body found on the street. The family formally identify the body as Dillian. The police continue to probe Sean who they arrested as their first suspect. He is adamant that he had no involvement with the disappearance of his twins, and gets infuriated when they title him “Step Dad”.

D.S. Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) is playing a twisted game; on the one hand, she must try and continue the investigation on Sean, but at the same time try and divert the path of the investigation so no-one knows she slept with him that night drunkenly down the alleyway. The issue is, she is the alibi, and it seems Sean is innocent. The Bay Episode 2 explores Sean’s colleagues, but they confirm what everyone else repeats; he loved his children.

Sean is finally released in Episode 2; the police found further footage of him leaving his best friend’s apartment, and we soon learn he was sleeping with his best friend’s partner. This accounts for his time when the children went missing that night. The police have to move on to a new suspect. Meanwhile, Abbie Armstrong (Imogen King) seems to be toying with one of Sean’s colleagues Vincent (Adam Long) now that she’s temporarily suspended from school. He reminds her that she’s 15 and that they have to wait.

The Bay Episode 2 Recap - ITV Drama

The new suspect is Nick, who was seen returning to the beach that night where Dillian’s body was found. While Lisa visits Jessica to calm her down due to her colleague being slightly insensitive to the scenario, Nick knocks on the door trying to deliver a card that says “I’m sorry”. I found this to be particularly stupid considering there is an ongoing investigation, but maybe he feels guilty? Nick has learning disabilities, which proves testing for the investigation. He keeps saying “no comment” for each question. Despite Jessica and Sean’s protest, the police let Nick go.

What is clear in The Bay Episode 2 is that Lisa’s son and daughter are up to something. Their reckless stories serve as a subplot, which I believe will come to fruition in the later episodes. As the chapter ends, Holly Meredith’s bag is found on the beach, and in a rage, Sean is trying to run over Nick.

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