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By Daniel Hart
Published: March 30, 2019
Bitter Daisies Episode 4 Review: Those who are already dead


Episode 4, “Those who are already dead”, is the least impressive chapter so far, feeling laborious and uneventful.

This review of Bitter Daisies Episode 4, “Those Who Are Already Dead”, contains spoilers. You can read our review of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Near the Satanic Cult area, they’ve found a body which impacts Rosa (María Mera) in a way that was uncharacteristic of her so far in Bitter Daisies. Episode 4, “Those who are already dead”, sees Rosa distraught at the steering wheel. For a few moments, I wondered what the link was, but then when Mauro confronts her about whether she has siblings, she confirms that her sister is dead, and the deceased body they found flooded back memories.

Character breakthroughs are important, but Episode 4 was labored. The constant slow-moving pace fashioning itself on each chapter is beginning to wear thin.

Following on from the last episode, Samanta and Xabier are bedding in their relationship, but she wants to make sure he is 100% confident about their new arrangement, consoling his insecurities of public opinion, and reassuring him that this is what she wants. It does not stop Xabier from attacking the men that laughed at Samanta at the restaurant.

Rosa is getting closer to the truth in “Those who are already dead”. She figures out that Rafael broke into the church due to similar break-in marks at the site and in her locker at the petrol station. Rosa figures out that Rafael is part of the satanic cult, briefly making her the main suspect. However, the evidence is wafer-thin; the cult practiced their thought process, but they never realized they were inadvertently on the wings of a serial killer.

Bitter Daisies Episode 4 Review: Those who are already dead

Rosa also learns that the priest was the person in the chat speaking to Marta. He was there to comfort her, to listen and to take her confessions. There appears to be nothing suspicious from the priest; he was trying to ensure the safety of someone in the community.

Rebeca does enter the fold again in relation to Marta’s disappearance. She explains to Rosa that she left videos on her tablet, giving the investigator the door to take her device so she can look further. She is determined to find the house the videos display and looks in various properties. Rosa visits Pamela at the bar again, gaining more information of the night Marta disappeared. Her late-night undercover ways finally get the attention of Mauro, who makes an intervention with the captain. She gives her reason for keeping it from the police force, which is mostly centered around trust and the community.

As “Those who are already dead” ends, David and Rebeca share a brief kiss, but she rejects him immediately, kindly explaining that he isn’t Brais. She didn’t mean it in a literal sense, she meant that he’s a better person I believe, but he took it personally. The next day he releases all the photos from the modeling shoot, including the half-naked versions.

Rosa finds the house Marta was referencing in the video; Bitter Daisies is reaching its conclusions.

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