DC Comics Previews Round-Up | June 2019

April 3, 2019
Louie Fecou 0

This is our DC Comics Previews Round-Up for June 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in May by clicking these words.

The big news for June from DC has to be the Superman Year One series from Frank Miller and John Romita Jnr. Miller, despite what you may think, is one of the Godfathers of modern comics, and with titles such as Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil Born Again, Ronin and Batman Year One under his belt, it seems silly to pass up on a new story. Sure there have been misfires from him, but fans of comics would be crazy to miss out picking up this Black Label mini-series when it arrives in a couple of months.

The Summer event series this year comes from Brian Bendis, of course, who brings us Event Leviathan, a 6-issue series reaching every corner of the DCU. There are obviously going to be crossovers into the regular titles, including Action Comics #1012.

Meanwhile, Tom King continues on his run of Batman with issues #71 and #72, where we find Bats in the middle of “The Fall And The Fallen” as Bane’s army of villains is taking over the city while trolling Batman at the same time… yawn… sorry, nodded off there.

In another part of town, you can find the 2nd issue of Batman And The Outsiders, Batman /Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 issue #2, and the conclusion of the 6-issue Batman Who Laughs. Yes, Batman is very busy.

Catwoman #12 continues to be enjoyable, and there have been some lovely variant covers on the Joelle Jones book. Issue #12 has an Artgerm Variant that is gorgeous.

DCeased issue #2 by Tom Taylor progresses the story of a dying Earth, and the JLA trying to stop the purge, while in issue #44 of Deathstroke, the R.I.P story begins, with Deathstroke dead, murdered by a member of the Teen Titans, and everyone after his corpse.

Detective Comics by Peter J Tomasi presents issues #1005, and #1006 concluding the Arkham Knight saga and an unexpected appearance from The Spectre.

Flash #72 and #73 continues the Year One storyline, and Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern #8 has a reuniting of one of comics’ greatest double acts, in what looks like a homage to the classic issues from Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil.

In Justice League, the Year Of The Villain continues. Issues #25 and #26 continue the arc, with Lex Luthor putting the boot in as the JLA try to put things back together again.

Bendis gives us the final issue in Volume 1 of Naomi, and Dan Abnett’s underrated Silencer looks like it has reached the end of it’s run with issue #18. Warren Ellis’ The Wild Storm also hits the end of the road with issue #24, as DC seems to be trimming their line of comics. Food for thought.

Martian Manhunter is at the halfway mark of his 12-issue series, but the run hasn’t really set the comic shops alight. Speaking of which, Nightwing #61 by Dan Jurgens sees Bludhaven on fire and Ric Grayson and Nightwing will have to get their act in gear to stop a catastrophe.

My pick for June has to be Superman Year One, get it on your pull list.