Marvel Previews Round-Up | June 2019

April 3, 2019
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This is our Marvel Previews Round-Up for June 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in May by clicking these words.

Quick, get your diaries out and take note of some of the new Marvel titles this June.

Yep, War Of The Realms is still raging on in June, and issues #5 and #6 of the base story brings things to a conclusion. Malekiths allies are faltering, and the God Of Thunder makes a sacrifice, but will it be enough? By Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman.

There’s a bunch of tie ins, but you must know that by now, and they are pretty much all finishing up in June.

Meanwhile, in another part of the MCU, look for a new ongoing series featuring The Black Cat. Written by Jed Mackay and with art by Travel Foreman, this is Felicia’s first solo ongoing series and looks set to be full of heists and twists.

Comic lovey Donny Cates takes a stab at The Silver Surfer in new 5-issue series Black. The Surfer, and colleagues, have fallen through a black hole, and the journey may cost him more than just his life. The art from Tradd Moore looks awesome.

As Marvel Comics move forward, it’s nice to see some comic legends getting a few titles, so new one shot The Incredible Hulk sees the legendary team of Peter David and Dale Keown reuniting. This is an oversized 40-page issue I will be checking out, and speaking of old masters, Chris Claremont, Larry Hama, and Sam Kieth get the gang back together for Wolverine Exit Wounds, that features three new stories of The X-Men’s deadliest member. There’s also a nice Rob Liefield variant cover, but no feet.

While we are on X-Men, the sublime Ed Piskor brings us X-Men Grand Design X-Tinction, the final issue of the glorious retelling of The X-Men’s past. Full of nineties goodness, this is on my pull list.

Finally X-wise, Age Of X-Man rolls ever on, with the wrapping up of most of the series in this event. Next Gen 5 of 5, The Marvelous X-Men 5 of 5, The Amazing Nightcrawler 5 of 5 and  X-Tremists 5 of 5 all race to the finish of what has really not amounted to much, in my opinion.

Spidey-wise, it’s all go in June, with a Marvel Tales Spider-Man issue, and Spider-Man Annual 1 featuring Spider-Ham. Mmmm, spider-bacon. Nick Spencer continues his run on Amazing, with issues #23 and #24 dealing with the fallout from Hunted, but my pick for the character is Life Story #4 by Zdarsky and Bagley focusing on the 90’s.

There’s a GOTG annual out in June, and issue #6 of their own title hits the shops, with the resurrection of Thanos, because that’s what happens.

Older comic book fans might be interested in a new facsimile of Howard The Duck #1, which is just terrific, and a host of True Believer issues of key Spidey comics, including issue #1 of the title, and issue #13, first Mysterio. Buy these books, keep them mint and watch the price rise speculators.

My tips for picking up: as always Immortal Hulk #19, and Daredevil #7.

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