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April 10, 2019
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The Bay Episode 3 tentatively opens up the world, feeding us drips of information as nothing is what it seems.

This recap of The Bay Episode 3 contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words. 

Here we go. Since the last chapter, The Bay has reached a serious level in the investigation and the effects it is having on the characters. Episode 3 opens up with Holly’s bag, and clothes found, and Sue is worried that Nick has gone missing. The first port of call for D.S. Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) is to ask Sean if he knows where Nick is, as he was one of the few to understand that he was a prime suspect.

The chief objective in The Bay Episode 3 is finding Nick, who we know Sean tried running over. To worsen matters with the grieving family, Lisa is asked to take DNA from them at this late stage of the investigation.

Abbie is still acting strange, attempting to go to school despite her suspension, and has a vague chat with Sam. She later meets Vincent, to report back to him. It’s clear this investigation will lead to the children. Rob is also getting blackmailed into doing criminal activities, robbing a food bank and recording it.

The Bay Episode 3 sees Lisa try and get more information from Sean regarding Nick, but he is insistent that he has nothing to do with his disappearance. Lisa picks the wrong moment to bring up the compensation they will receive for Dillian’s death, knowing full well Sean is in a lot of debt.

The Bay Episode 3 Recap

The police figure out that Nick has an alibi due to phone records and location, removing him as the suspect, but the question remains, where is Nick? The Bay Episode 3 answers that swiftly, Sean has him locked away in a garage-like facility.

While Sean is playing as a pretend rogue cop, Lisa is out treating the mother to a proper shop for the family. We earlier learnt that Sean borrowed money off Ryan, a total of 8 grand, prompting Lisa to do a DNA kit on him as well.

As The Bay Episode 3 ends, Lisa tries to have a chat with her two kids about coming of age, but they get antsy, thinking they are under investigation and walk off. Lisa speaks to her boss, and he reveals the DNA under Dillian’s fingerprints is Holly making her the suspect of her own brother’s death, despite the fact she is missing as well. Sean and his friends dump Nick in the middle of the road, bloodied up.

The questions we need to know – who is blackmailing Rob Armstrong? And how are Lisa’s children linked to all this? At this point, it sounds like they got involved with the wrong gang, and Vincent is pulling strings.

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