‘The Bay’ Episode 4 | TV Recap Seeking the truth.

April 10, 2019
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The Bay Episode 4 sees the community falling apart, with Lisa desperately trying to get a grip on the investigation.



The Bay Episode 4 sees the community falling apart, with Lisa desperately trying to get a grip on the investigation.

This recap of The Bay Episode 4 contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words. 

Somebody must have heard something that night – that’s the crying call from the police department at the start of The Bay Episode 4. It’s getting to the stage now where the community in Lisa’s (Morven Christie) circle is out of control. Her children are knee-deep in trouble involving drugs, with Vincent starting to threaten Abbie, and Sean is taking matters into his own hands. She figures out early on that Krzysztof lent Sean the van that they threw Nick out of the back of.

Despite Rob’s attempts to appease the blackmailer, the threats return, keeping him trapped in the vicious cycle. The blackmailer asks for money via text and then shows the video of Rob stealing the vodka. As for Abbie, the pressure is mounting due to Vincent, requiring her to drop off drugs and confront Wilcott about the money. The Bay Episode 4 finally deals with the elephant in the room; Lisa approaches Sean about the van, but he asks what would happen if the police found out they slept together on the same night the children disappeared. Lisa admits it wouldn’t look good on her, but his prison time is worse. Halfway through the episode, Sean hands himself in for hurting Nick; he has convinced Lisa that Nick knows something.

Sean’s second release from the prison cell comes at a cost for other suspects; Krzysztof’s wife tells Lisa that it was Ryan and her husband who hurt Nick, not Sean, explaining that Sean wanted to take Nick to hospital. Before Lisa actions her subsequent arrests, her assistant gets information from Nick’s mother about his hobbies, leading helicopters and a search team to scour a new location. The police arrest Ryan and Krzysztof, and release Sean; Lisa finds rolls of money in Ryan’s room and blood on his jeans.

A moment of clarity hits Lisa before all the drama in The Bay Episode 4 when her colleague at work explains she saw her daughter quickly scurry away when she saw the police, but when she rings Abbie, she claims she’s in the library. It will be a shock to Lisa when she finds out the danger her children are in.

Nick wakes up in hospital, and with time running out in the investigation, Lisa pressures Nick into revealing his promise that he refuses to break. He starts breaking down on the hospital bed, singing a rhyme. They figure out that he is hinting at a location. Lisa charges there with the police force, and she finds Holly.

Holly did not look too pleased to be found, living a shoddy life in what looks like an abandoned facility. As the camera zooms in on Holly, the sound distorts around her. If Holly is alive, what does this mean?

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