‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ Season 2 Review

April 26, 2019 (Last updated: January 16, 2023)
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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is expected to be welcomed back and rightly so. The characters are well written and interesting in a way that keeps audiences empathetic to the plights we see on screen.

Today Netflix brings audiences it’s second season installment of the quirky remake of the classic Filmation cartoon She-Ra. The much-loved show gained precedence after its debut for its diverse and creative nature.

The first season of She-Ra tells the story of how Adora, a member of the Horde, came to discover that her Horde family were evil and cruel. Devastated by the discovery, Adora escapes the Horde. Before this realization Adora finds herself in the woods and there lay a strange sword. This time Adora’s curiosity happens to pay off as this sword bestows the power of She-Ra upon her. As Adora proves herself a worthy fighter and a person of good intent she is invited to help her new friends Glimmer and Bo as they fight for the good of the planet.

Set in the mystical world of Etheria, Adora is reunited with her two closest friends Glimmer and Bo. Season 1 had proven they were a force to be reckoned with as they worked together in harmony to bring princesses together to form an alliance. The princess alliance is created with members from different regions who must come together in order to defeat a common enemy, the Horde. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2 sets to explore this same alliance from the inside; no longer is the quest to get the princesses together but a fight to keep them together.

She-Ra certainly made an impression after its debut as it was widely praised for its style and representation. The characters are fun and colorful, each proving their own strengths in unique and inspiring ways. Each character is experiencing unique struggles that explore themes of insecurity, abuse of power and resentment. Even though bright and appealing to look at, the show acts as a talking point for children and young adults to digests subjects in an enjoyable and creative way.

She-Ra was highly popular for the wholesome nature of the relationships throughout, leading She-Ra to take light in the world of positive representation and ‘good vibe’ entertainment. She-Ra was particularly praised for one dynamic relationship shown onscreen, especially that between protagonist Adora and life long friend Katra. Over the course of Season 1, we see their relationship become sour as Adora vows never to return to the Horde even though she and Katra were raised there. This choice proved to be a treacherous one as the now abandoned Katra seeks out revenge at her perceived betrayal. Katra, promoted to a leadership position in the Horde, becomes sick with power as she works to destroy everything good in the world, including Adora. With a grave for recognition Katra is blinded by the evil of her ways in a bid to impress the Horde leader.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 2 is sure to impress fans as we once again venture into the world of Etheria with the same characters we have come to adore. This time around audiences are treated to an in-depth look into each of the princesses’ personalities, adding extra room for character development. Of course, audiences will also be happy to see their favorite characters back to their strange and playful ways. Bo remains the glue of the group as his charm and positivity offer comedic relief and softness to the show. Glimmer is still fighting to understand her place in the alliance, treading the fine line between daughter and leader as her doting Mother watches her every decision. Last but not least Adora returns to discover her powers are not as easy to understand as she once thought, but through thick and thin she prevails to fight for the good of the planet, no matter what the cost.

Overall, She-Re and the Princesses of Power is expected to be welcomed back and rightly so. The characters are well written and interesting in a way that keeps audiences empathetic to the plights we see on screen. She-Ra is lighthearted and enjoyed by children and adults alike; it is especially popular with young adults seeking something a little brighter and warmer amongst Netflix’s viewing collection. With its warming depiction of character relations and genuinely positive messages She-Ra sets the tone for a feel good that will surely continue to inspire.

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