‘Charmed’ (2018) Episode 19 Recap

April 29, 2019 (Last updated: May 6, 2019)
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New Charmed Episode 19 Source Material Recap


Charmed Episode 19, “Source Material”, proves that the reboot needs to stop immediately, with this convoluted, badly-written chapter that makes heads sore.

This recap of Charmed Episode 19, “Source Material”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

I do not like Mondays. Do you want to know why I do not like Mondays? Charmed.

The new rebooted Charmed Episode 19, “Source Material”, deals with the Charmed Ones finding a way of saving Harry, which means more of a convoluted mess to the story. They tap into Macy’s (Madeleine Mantock) dark power to see what he is experiencing. Harry is with Fiona, repeatedly getting tortured unless he helps her. Jada tries stopping Fiona, but she is immediately thrown aside, presumably killed. Meanwhile, Charity is with Alastair, and she hands herself in to Tartarus.

The Charmed Ones call Tessa, the new White Lighter, for help, making her aware that Harry is alive and in the company of Fiona. Tessa is delighted that they have confided in her, but Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) secretly places a tracking device on her. As for Parker, his mother believes she has the last dose to cure him and make him fully human, but when he takes the final treatment it has demon-like effects, and he accidentally hurts his mother.

Niko offers to help Mel (Melonie Diaz) find Tessa, who is as eager as ever in “Source Material”, while Galvin and Macy believe they have discovered Parker’s mother Julia to be dead.

We find out the true meaning of Fiona’s hatred in Episode 19. She wants to destroy magic after what the Elders did to her. Harry tries to convince her to stop, but she continues to torture him. She wants to find the dagger that brings the flame.

“Source Material” brings more twists and turns in nearly every scene, melting your brain into a soup. Macy finds out that Julia is alive, not dead as first feared, and Parker’s brother (yes, he’s suddenly back) has taken her identity. Parker tells Maggie that he killed his mother by accident and she becomes irrationally scared of him, but once again, it wasn’t Maggie, it was Parker’s brother taken on her identity, forcing Parker into an emotional state.

New Charmed Episode 19 Source Material Recap

Eventually, after a lot of messing around, The Charmed Ones turn up to fight Fiona. While the fight is on-going and Harry, once again, controlled to fight the witches, Charity tries to communicate with Fiona, but Alastair gets wind of it and finds out Fiona’s motive. Suddenly, The Charmed Ones become The Power of Three and scare Fiona off, even though she was deemed super powerful three episodes ago. Shall we all let out one collective deep sigh?

The Charmed Ones and Harry do a short, almost obligatory funeral for Tessa who tried fighting Fiona and was killed instantly. It’s so funny how the production company hired an actress for two episodes just because they needed to fill a regular component of Charmed – the writers could not be bothered thinking of anything else to fill Harry’s absence from his usual role for two episodes. Harry is entirely back now, with powers, and he can keep them because it did not come from the Elders, it came from the vortex, which means the Elders no longer bind him. I feel like if I made up the contents of this recap, it would sound just as made up as this dumb episode. Why wouldn’t the Elders be instantly bothered that Harry is acting as an independent White Lighter?

Anyway, “Source Material” shows Alastair’s plans coming together. Parker meets him, and his father encourages him to consume the source. Alastair then stabs Parker with the flame sword. Yeah, whatever.

The only plot point I liked in Charmed Episode 19 is Niko telling Mel she had some traumatic event two years ago which must have been when she had her memory erased regarding magic, and Mel, feeling guilty, gives her a ring that protects her from witchcraft. I am sure these two will end up back in a romantic relationship too.

Does anyone watch this by the way? If you do, then speak to you next week.

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