Charmed Recap: Elders and Demons

May 6, 2019
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Charmed Episode 20, “Ambush” ups the stakes, and at least respects its audience with a better quality of writing.



Charmed Episode 20, “Ambush” ups the stakes, and at least respects its audience with a better quality of writing.

This recap of Charmed Episode 20, “Ambush”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Last week I was noticeably fed up with the rebooted Charmed. But credit where credit is due, Episode 20, “Ambush”, was written with better quality at least, making it a satisfactory episode. It’s still another Monday though, and I am still wondering if the reboot is worth our time.

There’s a running theme that the Elders’ time is running out in “Ambush”, with another one of them poisoned at the start. This forces one of the Elders to want to cooperate with The Charmed Ones. While in discussion with the sisters, they bring the ultimate theory that Fiona is the source and the keeper of the flame, but all the Elders must be killed for the prophecy to come true.

Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is a central concern in Episode 20, as she is turning darker, spitting insults at her sisters for breakfast. While Macy turns darker, Lucy shows up, controlled by Alastair; she goes upstairs to the loft and rips a page out of the witches book. Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Mel (Melonie Diaz) finally become suspicious and investigate her behaviour.

The writers are still imbalanced when it comes to Macy and her darkness, which she seems to be able to switch on and off, but in “Ambush” even Harry is frightened by it. Macy makes herself into a voodoo doll to try and find Fiona, and it becomes demonic, as she starts stabbing herself to hurt her. Macy witnesses Alastair speak to Fiona and learns that they are all after the same raw power.

The most interesting side plot comes to a head in “Ambush”; Niko visits Mel visibly upset, taking off her protection ring. Niko is confused about her feelings for Mel and her lack of love for her fiance Greta. They end up kissing to complicate matters further – their relationship has gone full circle.

Charmed Episode 20 Ambush Recap

Episode 20 ups the stakes midway through. More Elders have been killed, leaving only six. One of the Elders and The Charmed Ones trap the killer, which turns out to be Alastair’s son. But he is well equipped and kills more Elders, leaving only one left.

Back at the house to strategise turns into an intervention for Macy as she becomes darker, and hurts Mel. When she resumes to her normal state, she snaps the needle to prevent it from getting worse. Once the dust settles, they find a secret passage in the house, and a hologram of their mother speaks to them, providing them with new weapons. I thought this was cool, but imagine how beneficial it would have been if they had these weapons sooner?

By this point, Lucy is at a party with Alastair’s son, and he requests that The Charmed Ones bring the last Elder. The new weapons bring more entertaining action, but it does not bring success as he manages to throw a dagger and kill the last Elder.

But then the twist, which we should have all seen coming. Charity and Fiona meet again, and Fiona expresses her ambition to use Parker as a vessel, and then destroy magic forever. Charity remembers that she is the last Elder, and understands that Fiona is trying to kill her, so escapes frantically.

“Ambush” ends with Mel telling Niko the truth, and understandably she is upset and storms off. But more trouble is around the corner, as people around the town start getting bloody noses and collapsing. If every episode of the new rebooted Charmed kept it to at least this level, then the series would be fine.

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