Charmed Recap: The Witches Face First Real Challenge

May 13, 2019
Daniel Hart 1
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Charmed Episode 21, “Red Rain”, is a fast-paced, apocalyptic penultimate chapter, suggesting a strong end to the new reboot.



Charmed Episode 21, “Red Rain”, is a fast-paced, apocalyptic penultimate chapter, suggesting a strong end to the new reboot.

This recap of Charmed Episode 21, “Red Rain”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Yes, I have been grumbling a lot about the new rebooted Charmed since it first came to our screens, but predictably, the last three episodes are ending with high stakes, producing relatively entertaining TV. I got accused of being biased the other week. Well, here I am, praising a good chapter. Episode 21, “Red Rain”, presents a real challenge for The Charmed Ones.

First of all, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) is dealing with Parker trying to reach her using some form of telepathic communication. She’s eager to help him, naturally, but you always get the feeling something is not right. A lot of things are not right in Episode 21, “Red Rain”.

Galvin is conveniently back working back at the hospital and calls the Charmed Ones over about those who have collapsed. As we learned previously, Niko is one of the patients, giving Mel (Melonie Diaz) the extra incentive to fix the issue. Due to the nature of what the patients are going through, they believe the Harbinger has been released.

“Red Rain” gives us an apocalyptic feel, with the patients waking up and trying to kill people. Macy (Madeleine Mantock) believes this all her fault for dabbling with evil.

Episode 21 demonstrates why the writers have invested so much in Parker, as Maggie tries to reach him using her powers. She finds him in a relaxing-looking garden and begs her to stop his Dad and reveals that Charity’s Elder powers were not stripped. Harry and Maggie find Charity to protect her. “Red Rain” shows how far gone Parker has succumbed to the dark side. He is unable to control the darkness and fights Maggie. After attempts to get his good-natured side back, he manages to escape.

By this point the infection has spread beyond the hospital; they are running out of time – the world is ending.

Another issue is how to stop Fiona from finding Charity. Harry tries performing a rare smoke screen, but Fiona turns up and attacks Charity. Harry tries to heal Charity, but it’s too late, she’s dead – the prophecy has been fulfilled.

Galvin has learned a lot from his adventures of trying to find a cure for Macy and starts performing a ritual to stop the infection. He does not reveal that as part of the ritual he has to sacrifice himself. Macy tries to stop him, but he completes the spell – the patients are healed, but Galvin is dead. “Red Rain” gives the human sacrifice narrative string. Regardless of Galvin’s sacrifice, The Source is still rising.

Episode 21, “Red Rain”, ends with Maggie kidnapped by Alastair. Charity hurts herself, not knowing she has been made mortal and ignites the flame. Parker shows up and tries to save Maggie from Alastair, but Macy intervenes, using her darkness to save Maggie and destroy Alastair. Her eyes light up, and she tells Mel that Niko is healthy again. Macy travels to the deceased Galvin and brings him back to life.

With a concerned look, Harry confirms that Macy is The Source. Could it be that Macy needs stopping all along?

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