Marvel Previews Round-Up | July 2019

May 17, 2019
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Marvel Previews for July 2019, from House of X to Secret Warps

This is our Marvel Previews Round-Up for July 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in June by clicking these words.

Let’s check out what Marvel is throwing at comic book fans in July, starting with the news that Jonathon Hickman is at the helm of another X-Men reboot. We start with House Of X, a 6-issue series that reveals Charles Xavier’s plan for mutantkind (mandatory baldness, I imagine) and continues with Powers Of X, another six issues that look set to ret-con events for the group, again.

Another new series launches by Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez, entitled History Of The Marvel Universe. Lots of lavish illustrations, chronicling the timeline of Marvel. The series promises to reveal some untold secrets too, can you see a theme developing here? Six issues that sound like they will be more of a reference book than anything else.

Elsewhere in Marvel previews for July 2019, Loki gets a new series and in a similar theme SPOILERS so does Jane Foster, who has emerged from the War Of The Realms as the new Valkyrie. Another casualty of the war is The Punisher, who is in a new 5-issue story Kill Krew by Gerry Duggan. Invisible Woman gets her own 5-issue series, again by Mark Waid, and we find out that years ago Susan took part in a secret mission for SHIELD and now she has to… sorry, I drifted off there.

Remember Death’s Head from Marvel UK? Well, he has a 4-issue series that might stir a few memories, speaking of which, there’s a one-shot X-Statix 40-pager by Milligan and Allred that might be fun.

Now things are going to get complicated here for Marvel fans, as July sees the launch of Secret Warps (not a typo there) by Al Ewing, Tim Seeley, Jim Zub, Daniel Kibblesmith, Tini Howard and of course Mr. Waid. It seems to be running through various annuals this month, with mixed up heroes trying to solve the problem of worlds colliding. However, some other annuals, including Punisher and Venom, are wrapped up in the Acts Of Evil storyline, it must be difficult for you all to keep up! The good news is the Age Of X-Man looks like it’s wrapping up. Praise be.

Ongoing titles include the hot Immortal Hulk #20 and #21 that you should probably read, especially #20, with a battle with The Abomination and Red Harpy. Thor #15 sees Aaron’s run drawing to a close, Nick Spencer’s run on Spidey continues into a second year, and everyone’s hoping something will happen this time, and Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 begins the “Death Of Rocket” storyline, because why not? Chip Zdarsky hits issue #8 of Daredevil, an underrated book that you might like to try, and X-Men #21 and #22 looks like an end for this current incarnation of the team. Watch for Carnage-inspired variant covers in a desperate bid to get you to buy two copies of everything this month and keep the industry afloat.

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