DC Previews Round-Up | July 2019

May 18, 2019
Louie Fecou 0

DC Previews for July 2019, from Curse of the White Knight to Year of the Villain.

This is our DC Previews Round-Up for July 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in June by clicking these words.

Batman: Curse Of The White Knight is an 8-issue series from the amazing Sean Murphy, starting this July. The sequel to White Knight sees The Joker enlisting the aid of Azrael to help bring Batman, and Gotham, to its knees.

Year of The Villain continues through all the DC titles this year as “The Offer” makes its presence known to DC’s nastiest villains. Lex Luthor is the man making “The Offer” telling them that the time for losing to the heroes is over. Apparently, the crossovers should be stand-alone, meaning you don’t need to buy every crossover to grasp the story. Yay DC, however, the variant covers will be printed on heavier card stock, and they will cost you an extra buck if you want to own them, so swings and roundabouts there.

Still on a Batman vibe, Last Knight On Earth issue #2 is out by Snyder and Capullo. It’s the end of the world, and Batman wants to know why. In his own title, Tom King wraps up “The Fall And The Fallen” in #74 and starts “City Of Bane” in issue #75.

In Superman land, look for issue #1 of Up In The Sky, reprints of the material from Superman Giant #3 and #4, and there’s a new series for Jimmy Olsen written by Matt Fraction. Issue #1 of 12 appears in July alongside Gregg Rucka’s Lois Lane issue #1 (of 12) following Lois out of Metropolis and guarding a deadly secret.

Aquaman hits issue #50 with a double-sized issue, and DCeased is on its 3rd issue as the virus reaches the furthest parts of the DC Universe. Event Leviathan hits issue #2 by Bendis featuring “The Detectives” that I assume we are all watching. Flash #75 is the final part of Year One and is double sized, and you can gran Green Lantern Annual #1 by Morrison, with a special guest Lantern that needs to be seen to be believed.

JLA #27 is a Year of the Villain crossover, and #28 brings the Legion Of Doom’s plan close to fruition. Justice League Dark gets it’s own annual by James Tynion IV and Ram V, with Swamp Thing on center stage. Wonder Woman #75 is also double sized, as she finally returns to Themyscira, and Wonder Twins hits its final issue with number 6. You’re all reading that, right?

My picks this month are Catwoman #13, consistently good and this is a Year Of The Villain crossover, and Curse Of The White Knight #1. Happy hunting.