Charmed Finale Recap: The Macy Reckoning Sisters Rejoice

May 20, 2019
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Charmed Episode 22, “The Source Awakens”, the Season 1 finale, is a fairly standard ending to what has been a legitimately poor reboot of the famous TV show.



Charmed Episode 22, “The Source Awakens”, the Season 1 finale, is a fairly standard ending to what has been a legitimately poor reboot of the famous TV show.

This recap of Charmed Episode 22, “The Source Awakens” – the season 1 finale, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Well, we made it. The new reboot has led to this moment. Charmed Episode 22, “The Source Awakens”, had all the devices for a season finale, but without a twist or a cliffhanger, making me wonder if there ever will be a second season. Let’s hope not. But regardless, as season finales go, this was not entirely nonsense.

We always knew Macy (Madeleine Mantock) was going to be the plot device leading up to “The Source Awakens”. She’s struggled with her identity and being the outsider in the family all season. The Season 1 finale shows her at the peak of her powers, with the source and flame entwined together. She’s incredibly, and scarily powerful, bringing Galvin back to life and making wholesale changes that have profound ramifications.

And when Macy gets a whiff that her sisters are trying to intervene, she believes bringing her mother back will bring balance to the sisterhood, and enable her to continue with her powers. Macy goes back in time, despite Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Harry trying to stop her, and when she sees her mother, she begins choking. Her mother cannot be anywhere near her due to past sacrifice.

Charmed Episode 22, “The Source Awakens”, sees Macy meddling with time to a damaging degree, so much so that it has an adverse on the past Harry and the sisters, who soon figure out in their realities that something is not right. They attain their future memories and know they must stop Macy from meddling with time. The season finale tries way too hard to get into consequences of changing time in such a small window, almost like a side plot.

Macy realizes that destiny will always assert itself, so rather than trying to ensure her mother remains alive, she removes herself from existence to prevent it from happening. Episode 22 turns into a dystopian world where there is now the power of three, and their mother is living in a hide-out type of environment. Their mother suggests to Mel, Maggie, and Harry that they go back to the point that Macy felt disconnected from her sisters.

And they do; Charmed Episode 22, “The Source Awakens”, sees love prevail, as the sisters try to stop Macy from using her powers to bring Galvin back to life. Even when Macy tries killing them, they hold their ground, stating their love for her. The season finale shows pure sisterly love, which stops Macy from continuing her destruction and finally agrees to get rid of the source from within her.

As the Charmed Season 1 finale ends, the question is asked; who takes over as Elders? It’s all assumed that the Charmed Ones will, but it gives us no insight into what Season 2, if there is one, will be about.

Thank god this is over.

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