The Art of Racing in the Rain Trailer: Dog Films Are An Easy Win

May 21, 2019
Daniel Hart 0
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The Art of Racing in the Rain trailer is here. Oh, look, a talking dog called Enzo, nicely voiced by Kevin Costner doing his best dog voice impression. Oh, and there’s that dude from Gilmore Girls who owns the dog — what a crossover (yes, I know Milo Ventimiglia has been in other things, do not get mad – he is also that selfish millennial in Rocky Balboa.)

But joking aside, whenever I see a film or TV show that involves a dog that cannot actually speak, but is voiced over by a human being, I always feel that this human race is much softer than it realizes. A gimmick of a dog running around a famed actor speaking on its behalf could be argued as cheap, but we fall for it every single time because dogs are the bests pets in the world, and no-one can say otherwise. The Art of Racing in the Rain could get 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, and no-one would care, because there is a dog in it, and films like this usually involve some kind of sad, terrible storyline.

Anyway, here is The Art of Racing in the Rain trailer:

Admit it; you liked the voice, right? Here is the premise, which is based on the book of the same name, just in case you have an interest in anything beyond a yapping dog:

Enzo, a dog, owned by Denny and Eve Swift, reflects in this film about his relationship with his human family and being around in times of need.

N’aww. Get ready for your heart strings to be purposefully pulled by intentional cheap music, and the occasionally trained dog-sadness by a production team member outside of the scene.

But more importantly, what do you think of The Art of Racing in the Rain trailer? Will you be adding this to your cinema trips this year?

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