Annabelle Comes Home Trailer 2: It’s That Doll Again

May 28, 2019
Daniel Hart 0
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Ah, here we go, Annabelle Comes Home trailer 2 is here, continuing a run of the films nobody asked for as part of The Conjuring Universe. We actually dedicated an entire podcast episode to Annabelle: Creation, and while we weren’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of watching it, the prequel was actually good. Our senior editor was not overly pleased with the first Annabelle, giving it an embarrassing 1.5 stars and saying it “isn’t strictly terrible, we’ve just seen everything it has to offer hundreds of times already, and the film doesn’t do any of it well enough to justify the complete lack of imagination”. 

And while I agree with his statement, The Conjuring Universe is one dimension of film that I would love to do well, rather than it bed down in the generic feeling of horror that we’ve all become accustomed to. We know about creaky legs, camera tricks and the apparent creepiness of a doll looking into space, but we are almost numb to the idea. Give us ideas, stop spending money and offer us something different (and not Hereditary). Anyway, here is Annabelle Comes Home trailer 2:

I guess the positive aspect that I can grab from this rather uninspiring two minutes is that Ed and Lorraine are back, and they’ve left teenagers in their home with a baby sitter while I presume they’ve gone out on the lash. Of course, leaving teens in your house where they have locked up artefacts containing demons was never the best idea, which Annabelle Comes Home trailer 2 demonstrates.

But maybe I should stop being negative. Creation was good and maybe Comes Home will complete an overall good trilogy about a doll. Trailers are famously misleading, so perhaps it will be a good hit. Regardless, I’m sure horror fans will turn up and earn it revenue. What do you think of the trailer? Comment below.

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