Abyss Recap: You Look Different

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 28, 2019 (Last updated: June 4, 2019)
Abyss Season 1 Episode 8 recap


Abyss episode 8 was “kind of” funny and “kind of” okay, but it lacked any original thought or reason behind the plot progression.

This recap of Abyss Season 1, Episode 8 contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

I don’t even know how long this series is going to be and I don’t dare to check, but the show must go on – Abyss episode 8 provided more revelations for the characters, beginning with a high-speed chase, a burning car and Prosecutor Seo managing to get away with Hee-Jin’s mother despite the wreckage.

He’s the accomplice, so he’s just as bad as Yeon-cheol in this entire ordeal. He spends most of episode 8 taunting Hee-Jin, asking her if she knows the whereabouts of Se-Yeon to guarantee her mother’s safety. This is due to the pressure of Yeon-cheol, threatening to remove his reputation and revealing he is the son of the serial killer.

As usual, Abyss provided a lot of quick-fire nonsense to fill the 60 minutes; Prosecutor Seo sends someone out to stab Se-Yeon (Bo-Young Park), and she somehow survives the wound and recovers in the hospital fairly quickly. Cha Min (Hyo-Seop Ahn), knowing that Hee-Jin was the one who leaked her whereabouts, tries paying her cash for her to leave them alone, but Se-Yeon insists she stays.

And then, just like magic, all the characters in the room start to figure out what’s going on; Dong-Cheol uses a fingerprint scanner and realizes Se-Yeon is not Mi-Do, and then the three acquaintances, including Yeon-Cheol have all been revived and come back looking different. Abyss episode 8 slots this in with lack of original thought, but at least now the characters can stop tip-toeing around each other and the real Mi-do, who has been ousted for two episodes, can now indeed be herself.

The Se-Yeon has a marvelous plan in Abyss episode 8 – to use Hee-Jin as bait. I felt like this was harsh, considering her mother is still a hostage and unable to think for herself. This rather laidback chapter (including a stabbing for good measure), ends with Se-Yeon finally revealing her feelings to Cha Min, enticing him to bed for some smooching. Well, at least the predictable love story has come to fruition.

See you next week if we can all be bothered. Abyss season 1, episode 8 has hardly inspired me.

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