Summer of Rockets Recap: The MI5 Are A Little Creepy A Showcase Of Your Life



Some great twists and turns are well and truly undermined by weird pompous behavior in Summer of Rockets episode 2.

This Recap of Summer of Rockets Episode 2 contains significant spoilers. We will be covering the BBC series every week. Here is the recap of the previous episode.

I suddenly realised in Summer of Rockets episode 2 that this is a strange drama; it’s rich in poshness, yet it’s pomposity feels alien in some ways, like the characters have suddenly realized they are meant to be posh. Or maybe I couldn’t bear to live like this, so their pretentious ways feel disconnected from my reality.

Samuel (Toby Stephens) learns who has been following him in episode 2. It’s the MI5, acting all elusive, even once they have revealed themselves, stating that they would like to order his “pager”. He is sworn to secrecy, but you can tell his pride is defeating him right away, especially when Courtney Johnson (Gary Beadle) asks him what his meeting was about and he is unable to reveal anything.

Hannah did not make it to the Queen’s opening day, so her desire to not follow her parent’s dreams are damaged somewhat, especially with an eye on her etiquette teacher, who joins her on set for a re-imagining of a nuclear fall-out.

Summer of Rockets episode 2 swerves to Kathleen (Keeley Hawes) and Richard Shaw (Linus Roache) who continue to host these lavish events. She seems to have a keen eye on Samuel, requesting that he continues to come to their house, and enjoy the garden. The most pressing issue at this party is the people’s reaction to a black family attending, but Courtney palms it off in style, beating them at their rich-folk games.

Hannah notices that Kathleen becomes upset about the topic of children, and we learn that she has lost her child. It was easy to see her burden last episode, but it was even more explicit in this chapter.

It turns out the MI5 know a lot about Samuel, even strange sex videos he’s apart of, and at the end of Summer of Rockets episode 2 they reveal they have been taking photos of him for a very long time suspecting him to be an enemy spy. Now, of course, they don’t, but they want him to spy on the Shaw family and attend every event they invite him to, or they will ensure his business goes bust and he loses everything.

Bit harsh.

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