Good Omens Recap: Saturday Morning Funtime

May 31, 2019
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“Saturday Morning Funtime” really starts to escalate the drama as Adam goes full on crazy eyes and starts to bring about the end of the world. Aziraphale starts to get his head around the idea that he might need to do something, and the witch finder finds a witch.

This Good Omens episode 4 recap for the episode titled “Saturday Morning Funtime” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

The world is ending and things are moving very quickly, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

David Morrisey! Guys, David Morrisey has a cameo. He is the captain of a ship that just stumbled on the lost city of Atlantis, obviously. Meanwhile, Adam, fast asleep with a magazine describing the lost city tucked under his arm, is dreaming these things into life.

Aziraphale bumps into Gabriel in the park. He is very anxious about the pending end of the world, surely there is something we can do?! Yes, there is replies Gabriel, get yourself ready for war and whilst you are at it get that flaming sword of yours and lose a few lbs.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, one of the Angels has become suspicious of Aziraphale and his friendship with Crowley. She makes a call to Hell to give them the heads up that perhaps he’s not quite on the up and up.

Anyway, our friendly delivery guy is just that. A friendly delivery guy who is just doing his job committed to making sure people get their packages. He goes off for a nice walk to deliver package number three to Pollution (she took over from Pestilence when they retired). That’s just one more Horseman to go for those of you keeping score at home. The delivery driver hops in his van and picks up a note; we don’t get to read what it says but he looks pretty shaken up. Then he gets hit by a lorry and dies. Enter Horseman number 4, Death. Delivery driver deserved a bit better than such a swift and uncompromising demise in my opinion.

Newt dresses for battle in his new armour, namely a jacket from the army surplus store, a bell, book, candle, and pin. Fully equipped and ready to tackle the forces of evil he heads to Tadfield. En route, he encounters a flying saucer and is chastised by the alien crew for Earth’s profligacy with fossil fuels. Basically, dear reader, Adam is dreaming some pretty crazy s**t into reality.

Just as he enters the village, Newt swerves his car to avoid hitting Adam and his friends and crashes. The kids take him to Anathema’s place to get cleaned up. Turns out, she has prophecy alarms set on her phone, so she knew to expect him. Whilst there at the cottage, Adam sees something on the wall which seems to give him some pretty end of the world type ideas. Come on now guys, we get it, Adam has become consumed with his own power – do we really need another close up of him with crazy eyes and portentous music? Go on then, just one more.

Elsewhere in “Saturday Morning Funtime”, a gang of Demons gets together in the desert to get the logistics sorted for Armageddon. One of our Demons has a nice upbeat manner, he’s quite looking forward to it I think. It should be about 20 mins or so until Adam, the four horsemen and everyone gets there and then we can get started. A huge convoy of vehicles make their way to the site of Armageddon, it looks as though the Demons have sent for Warlock (remember him?), the anti-anti-Christ. The demons are very concerned that there is no dog in sight, looks like a crimp in their plans. Let’s go and ask Crowley what’s up.

Crowley finds Aziraphale and pleads him one last time to abandon the futility of this end of the world business and come with him, he says no but you can tell he is sort of convinced. Crowley hops in his car to go and deal with some Holy water-related business. The other Demons have found him and are planning to kill him. He takes one of them out with the old bucket of Holy Water balanced on the top of the door trick and threatens the other with a plant mister of the stuff, channeling Dirty Harry in the process. Unfortunately, demon number two (his name is revealed as Hastur for the first time) calls his bluff. Crowley, in a stunning display of David Tennant-ism, bullshits his way out of it and vanishes into thin air. Hastur chases Crowley but somehow gets stuck in an answering machine (long story) and Crowley escapes.

Aziraphale is confronted too now by the other Angels. They give him an ultimatum, ‘come on dude, you in or you out?’. He sort of blusters his way through the conversation until the other angels need to clear off when the bugle signifying war starts.

Time for Adam to start the end of the world. He’s pretty annoyed at humanity for not treating the planet with respect so he plans to remake the world in his own image. At this point, he’s pretty much gone full Damian. The wind starts to pick up and it all starts to look pretty Armageddon-y.

Anathema and Newt, having connected the dots, try and stop the whole thing from happening, but it’s too windy outside so instead, they hide under the bed and have a shag, because the prophecy told them too. If you ask me, she is so far out of his league the end of the world is the only way they get together. Also, shame on the writers for not including a ‘witches riding on broomsticks, wink’ gag here. Maybe this is the “Saturday Morning Funtime” the title is referring to?

Shadwell is at home with Madame Tracy. ‘Hang on, it’s the apocalypse today, isn’t it? I’d better get to Tadfield to give Newt a hand’. He reasons that Aziraphale is probably worth trying to tap up for some cash to get him there.

Aziraphale is having a bit of crisis of faith so he enacts a ritual which brings forth a god like Derek Jacobi. He explains that he knows how to avoid the war, so let’s get on with it. God (although not actually God) informs him that the point is not to avoid the war, but to win it. Finally in “Saturday Morning Funtime”, it seems as though Aziraphale gets the message that if war is to be avoided, he’ll need to do something about it. Just as he is having his existential crisis Shadwell turns up and gets all hot and bothered. They have a back and forth which ends up with Aziraphale being transported (presumably to Heaven) and Shadwell legging it after dropping his lighter and setting the place on fire.

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