Abyss Recap: It’s One Thing After Another

June 3, 2019
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Abyss Season 1, Episode 9 continues to put the series in a childish circle, with lazy writing to mark turning points, which is ultimately offensive.

This recap of Abyss Season 1, Episode 9 contains spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Now that we’ve established that the series’ plot device has been discarded like a bad poker hand, Abyss episode 9 puts the audience in another, tiresome, self-indulgent circle. I wouldn’t blame anyone who turns off their TV at this point.

The first half of episode 9 is bizarrely relaxed. The previous events appeared not to matter. We get treated to a pointless dream as Se-Yeon (Bo-Young Park) as a teenager; all the boys loved her, and the girls hated her. Cha Min (Hyo-Seop Ahn) kisses her by accident, and then dream turns into a nightmare, as Cha Min cockily chants that he is now handsome. Once she wakes up, Abyss gives us a highlight reel of Se-Yeon admiring Cha Min, and his lips. I do not need this s**t on a Monday.

Abyss episode 9 does offer a sweet moment. Se-Yeon visits her mother at her fried chicken restaurant business, who is in a fragile moment and considering shutting it down with her husband so they can move on from the death of their daughter. Se-Yeon helps her launch her business for the day, and spends a good portion of time with her, pretending to be Se-Yeon’s friend.

Anyway, after the calm half ends, we find out that the man who tried assassinating Se-Yeon in the last episode has committed suicide, and he was deemed to be Hee-Jin’s abductor. As an audience, we already know Prosecutor Seo is behind all this, while Yeon-Cheol is in prison, threatening people in his stubborn villain persona. Prosector Seo suspects that Dong-Cheol is getting closer to the real story, so he is eager to capture Se-Yeon.

Abyss episode 9 ends with Se-Yeon, Cha Min and Hee-Jin figuring out that they can use the rear view mirror camera of the car to understand where Hee-Jin’s mother disappeared to. It leads to a tunnel, and then a house down a dirt path. But unfortunately, unbeknown to them, Hee-Jin’s mother is in the hospital with Prosector Seo tending to some accidental burns. But oh wait, the writers had to find a reason for the characters to visit the hospital, so Hee-Jin comically falls over and sprains her ankle, so then they have to go to the hospital.

In the hospital, Se-Yeon bumps into Prosecutor Seo who makes an elaborate lie that he may have found Hee-Jin’s mother and they must leave now before its too late. As he whisks Se-Yeon away, Hee-Jin accidentally bumps into her mother in the hospital. Cha Min learns that Prosecutor Seo had her the whole time, leading him to panic and wonder why he has driven away with Se-Yeon.

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