Summer of Rockets Recap: When The World Ends

June 4, 2019
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The story is starting to make its mark in Summer of Rockets Episode 3 as Samuel Petrukhin is given missions by MI5, as his unease grows.



The story is starting to make its mark in Summer of Rockets Episode 3 as Samuel Petrukhin is given missions by MI5, as his unease grows.

This Recap of Summer of Rockets Episode 3 contains significant spoilers. We will be covering the BBC series every week. Here is the recap of the previous episode.

Summer of Rockets episode 3 is hilarious because we get to witness the most anxious character ever try and spy in the most foolish and unsecretive ways to appease the secret services. Samuel (Toby Stephens) attends Kathleen (Keeley Hawes) and Richard’s (Linus Roache) latest party to spy, and he’s terrible at it, but unfortunately, he has to continue his foolish ways because MI5 is blackmailing him, and he’s dependent on his company receiving their orders for the page, so it does not go bankrupt.

Kathleen is still riddled with guilt in episode 3, and her character becomes invasive; in a strange scene, she indirectly encourages Sasha to investigate files at his school pertaining to her son Anthony.

If the terrible spy gag couldn’t get any more awkward, it does. MI5 asks Samuel to use a high-technological camera to take photos of guests at a fishing party secretly. The request is ludicrous because the whole scenario surrounding Samuel attending a party and taking public photos through its duration, without raising suspicion is a misguided mission. Summer of Rockets episode 3 plays with the idea rather amusingly.

Hannah is in hot water in episode 3; her parents find out her parents never made it to the Queen’s party. She scathingly rips into her father, claiming she does not seek to become wealthy and privileged as he does. She leaves the house temporarily to stay at her friend’s house and enjoys a small house party, which raises questions amongst the teenagers about the apparent doomsday impending.

But, good news for Samuel in Summer of Rockets episode 3. He gets his first order from MI5 for his pagers. You can feel the character is still not overly comfortable with the entire process, especially when they request that he keeps the camera to gather further evidence.

In a random occurrence, Hannah and Kathleen attend the Queen Ball together. They both have different missions; Kathleen wants to find Paul Ledbury who may know the whereabouts of her son, and Hannah wants to target the girl who snitched to her parents. They both achieve their missions partly, but Hannah does make a grand scene by kicking one of the creepy boys in the balls.

Summer of Rockets episode 3 ends in a twist; Lord Arthur Wallington visits Samuel and asks him who tasked him into taking photos. Arthur makes a wild claim that the Russians have penetrated MI5, but Samuel refuses to believe them, that’s until he speaks to one of their dogs in the offices in Russian and it responds to him.

Conspiracies are upon us!

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