The Black Godfather Review: A Showcase Of Clarence Avant’s Life The Man That Made Things Happen



Netflix documentary The Black Godfather is not a specially made feature, but it does highlight how truly special Clarence Avant is.

Like Quincy, Netflix documentary The Black Godfather celebrates a legend in a rich, celebrity-heavy feature to make the grandstanding point that Clarence Avant is the “Godfather of Black Music”.

His importance is deemed paramount, which is stamped at the start with a praiseful speech from Barack Obama, placing a casing point that Clarence Avant represented the person who became a legend behind the scenes and that you always need someone like that. It’s no surprise that the 44th President landmarked teamwork and cogs behind a machine as important, but other prominent people support his point. The Black Godfather hones in on his influence to make things happen, in a world striving for equality and fairness.

The Black Godfather laces the documentary with a timeline, showcasing important moments in history, and the adversity of Clarence Avant to overcome a testing time. The documentary wraps the word “Godfather” plenty of times in the Netflix feature to highlight that Clarence was a man that people needed to listen to, and not in an aggressive sense, but because his aura, his representation was inspiring; an alternative Godfather that did not use fear to secure deals for those who needed it the most.

The Black Godfather is not a special Netflix documentary, but you part with it knowing that Clarence Avant was a once-in-a-lifetime figure of our history. His growth is noted, from being thrown out of his comfort zone, to becoming his own entrepreneur and becoming his own brand; someone who walked into a room and needed to be listened to.

What is warming about the Netflix documentary is that Clarence Avant is cooly laidback in his own interviews, and with his lifetime friend Quincy Jones opposite him, bantering the odd remark and sly eye, you leave the feature wondering if music will ever live in an era like this ever again. Especially in a world now driven by influencers, and quick Instagram careers.

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