Four Ways Brightburn Could Have Ended

June 23, 2019
Louie Fecou 1
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Note: Four Ways Brightburn Could Have Ended contains major spoilers.

Scary, what-if, potential lawsuit Superman origin story Brightburn has a general UK release this week (you can read out review by clicking these words and check out our feature on its three biggest ups and downs by clicking these ones), but the horror story of what might have happened if a kid with Superman’s powers was bad finished with all kinds of unresolved plot points. So here are a few ideas on how the filmmakers might have finished things off, with four ways Brightburn could have ended.

1. Kill the kid.

It was foreshadowed quite early on, and there must have been a draft where this happened, but the space ship that brought him to Earth seems to be the only thing that could kill young Brandon, so if the writers had committed to the bit, we could have had bad Brandon actually doing all the crazy stuff we saw during the end credits, in the final act of the screenplay, then mum Tori could have tracked him down, completed her task of stabbing the little murder machine with a metal knife made from the ships hull, ending his reign of terror and allowing us to get a little satisfaction. Leaving Brandon unharmed at the end of the movie smacks of producers hoping for a sequel.

2. Give us a twist.

Basically, the story writes itself in Brightburn. We know the Superman origin very well, so after you have made him a bad guy, there’s nowhere else to go. Would it have been so bad to give us just a little twist at the end? How about Brandon’s mum turns out to be an alien too, and her job all along was to protect Brandon until he fully matures? Or how about little Caitlyn, Brandon’s classmate at school, reveals herself to have similar powers as Brandon, as she too has arrived from beyond the stars? Might have spiced things up at the end?

3. Injustice League?

I’ve only seen this movie once, but am I wrong in thinking that in the mid-end credits sequences, they hint at other sightings of super-powered entities? Perhaps they are waiting for a whole shared universe type of deal, but how cool would it have been to see Brandon in his creepy Sandman-style mask and cape, meet with the bad version of Wonder Woman or Aquaman? Just a slow tracking shot showing him floating towards another homemade supervillain would have been a very creepy and unsettling final shot.

4. Brandon grows up.

After the carnage of the final scene, imagine we skip forward 10 years and we see Brandon all grown up and living an incredibly successful life as the head of some massive company. He is hugely popular, rich and powerful, and has announced his plans to run for President, then behind closed doors, we see him smiling and pulling on his mask as he prepares to start his campaign to rule the world. At that point, you then have the opportunity to introduce a character who knows what Brandon is and vowing to stop him. Pow, instant new superhero franchise, with an extended universe and unlimited possibilities for further storylines that I see running for 10 years before everyone gets bored and stops going.

These were four ways Brightburn could have ended. But this is a great sci-fi movie worth a watch, and despite what I have written here, the ending is just fine. Enjoy.

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  • August 27, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    I like the last suggestion, It would be interesting to see a Lex Luthor as the good guy trying to stop this Bizarre superman, instead of the usual history

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