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Killer Groove #2 continues to weave its slow-burning noir tale, with some clunky exposition being the only downside.

Retro crime thriller Killer Groove continues to weave its tale in Killer Groove #2 from the creative team of Ollie Masters and artist Eion Marron. The stories that started in issue #1 continue to unfold, and we delve further into the seedy and violent realm of contract killers and hardened private investigators,

Like your favorite noir detective box set, Killer Groove is a slow-burning tale, one that switches the action between storylines, offering just enough to keep us interested and hanging on the line. It’s an effective storytelling technique that could only work in a comic such as this, and Killer Groove is not afraid to shock us with language and violence, however, there are some unfortunate moments when the dialogue between the main characters smacks of an info dump.

PI uncle and niece Jackie and Raul share a car ride on their investigation, and the initial interaction serves only to tell us about Jackie’s disgraced cop bribe-taking past. It’s a clunky piece of exposition that spoils the rest of their more natural conversation. However, those kind of moments are rare in this series, and I’m hoping that the creative team manages to deliver them a little smoother in the future.

Art-wise, the style of Killer Groove #2 reminds me of David Lapham’s early work on Stray Bullets. It’s a clean style that does the job, and I know it must be hard in a book with so many scenes of people talking to each other, but I could use a few different angles in scenes, just to vary the pitch.

On the plus side though, there is an interesting story being told here, and fans of this genre should find a lot to like. With contract killers on the loose, a desperate musician discovering a new muse while looking for a break, and a mysterious  LA private eye story all on the boil, there’s a lot to engage the reader here.

Think Tarantino, Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips’ Criminal and Stray Bullets, with a musical background just for good measure and you might form a picture of the style of Killer Groove #2.

Grab a copy if you see it on the rack as this is a recommend.

Louie Fecou

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