Marvel Previews Round-Up | September 2019

June 30, 2019
Louie Fecou 0

This is our Marvel Previews for September 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in August by clicking these words.

Oh, there’s divisive news in Marvel for September as JJ Abrams and son do a 5-issue series on Marvel’s flagship title. Art is by Sara Pichelli and there are at least eight variant covers scheduled as we write. The villain of the piece is Cadaverous (yes, I know) and the series looks to feature MJ quite a lot, but apart from that, there’s not much else to tell.

Another series premiere comes from Tini Howard and German Peralta. Strikeforce seems to be a team book with Spider-Woman, Blade, Winter Soldier, and others and is an adventure from the underside of Marvel.

Look out for a new 5-issue Black Widow series, King Thor #1, and a new Black Panther ongoing series.

Meanwhile, House of X and Powers of X continues by Jonathon Hickman reshaping the X universe, issues #4 and #5 should be out in September. Other X events include a New Mutants one shot by Claremont called War Children with Sienkiewicz on art, and Old Man Logan reaches #11 of 12.

The anniversary for Marvel continues with issue #1001 of Marvel Comics with a host of talent pitching in with another celebration of all things Marvel, and revelations about The Eternity Mask.

Absolute Carnage tears ahead through Marvel, with issue #3 out this month and a host of cross overs and mini-series, including Amazing Spider-Man #30, VS Deadpool #2, Lethal Protectors #2, Miles Morales #2, Symbiote of Vengeance One Shot #1 and Venom #18.

In the Avengers titles, you can grab a one-shot Loki Unleashed by legendary writer Roger Stern, meanwhile issue #24 of the ongoing sees the team up against Cosmic Ghost Rider. Savage Avengers #5 is on the stands, The Punisher is interested in Crom, aren’t we all?

Immortal Hulk continues it’s epic run with issue #23, and it looks like a final showdown with the Abomination. There’s a director’s cut of issue #3 out too, then look for issue #24 and a final showdown at Shadow base with terrible ramifications for all.

More crossover chaos as we begin The Ultron Agenda in Iron Man #16 by Dan Slott. Looks like another robot uprising is coming.

Spider titles continue to fill the shelves, look for Miles Morales #10, Black Cat #4, Ghost Spider #2, Velocity #2, and a special one-shot by Gerry Conway, Erik Larson and more called Going Big.

All the other regulars battle for space in your LCS including Silver Surfer Black #4, FF 14 Point Of Origin starts here, Valkyrie #3 with Bullseye taking someone out, Black Panther #16 N’Jadakas Revenge, Daredevil #11 “Through Hell” starts here and Thanos issue #6 completes that story.

Acts Of Evil rolls on through the annuals, look for Ghost Spider annual #1, Moon Knight Annual #1 and Wolverine annual 1.

My top picks are Daredevil by Zdarsky, and Immortal Hulk, and I will probably grab the Abrams Spidey issue, just to check it out. There are so many Marvel books out there it’s hard to really get hold of all the storylines going on, and that often leaves me feeling confused and overwhelmed. Is there anyone out there buying every title? Let me know how you manage!

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