Three Ups And Three Downs in Child’s Play (2019) Play Nice

June 30, 2019
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Child’s Play has been remade and we have reviewed the film here. The remake got plenty of discussion on the internet with the original creator being against it because he was still working on sequels, with one from the original series even out later this year. We are going to dive into the latest version of Chucky to see if we can find three ups and three downs in Child’s Play 2019.

There will be major spoilers in this article, this is your warning.

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Up 1: Technology is Evil

In Child’s Play 2019, we have a world where a technology firm, Kaslan (which is similar to the Apple or Google tech we use every day in life), has linked its technology within the new Buddi doll. The dolls have been created with safety restrictions to stop the doll doing anything evil or rebellious in nature. By changing the themes of the story, we see the doll being let loose after having its safety restrictions switched off, and this does reflect how society has become consumed by social media using our phones to get through life, instead of seeing the world flying by.

Down 1: No Serial Killer

On the negative side to making the villain technology, we lose the key factor Charles Lee Ray, who was the serial killer that possessed the doll wanting to put his soul into a new body. This had been one of the most important parts of the Child’s Play franchise and we just ignore it. One of the reasons the previous films were popular was Charles needing to decide which body he wanted to enter; by losing this, it does take the evil human presence out of the Chucky doll.

Up 2: The Present

In one of the early scenes of the movie, Andy returns from school to get a stick from Chucky as a present, tied up in a nice little bow. Once Chucky starts showing the evil side, Andy wakes up one morning, only to find the head of Shane, the boyfriend, sat on his bedroom table with a nice little bow on it. The reaction is priceless, bringing in the friends, with Pugg just throwing up in the trash can and the three friends trying to figure out how to get rid of the present, even after it ends up in the possession of a neighbor. This combined set of moments give us the best comic lines throughout the whole film.

Down 2: Hearing Aid for What?

Andy in this film has a hearing aid. Now, we don’t get told just how bad his hearing is meant to be, but we do have scenes where Andy is trying to ignore the sounds around him. Couldn’t he just switch the hearing aid off to keep the voice of Chucky out of his head? This might be not understanding just how hearing aids work or just how bad the hearing problems are for Andy.

Up 3: Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill took over the voice of Chucky after Brad Dourif had been doing the voice ever since the original Child’s Play. We know Mark Hamill can offer some of the best voice work in cinema after his time working as The Joker in the animated Batman movies, which shone the spotlight on his work outside of the Star Wars franchise. Mark makes his character feel creepy as he does go through the friendly songs and hearing the lines which show us just how he has learned from previous lines used again, including stabbing somebody, saying this is for Tupac.


Down 3: Karen’s Work

Karen has moved to this new city with her son. It is meant to be a new start, yet they have never unpacked, though she does seem to have a lot of power in what she does in her job, including blackmailing a warehouse worker, being able to get double shifts. This might be picky, but it conflicts with how new the family is meant to be to town with how she acts around work.

What did you like or dislike about Child’s Play 2019?

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