Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2 Review Two Worlds Enter, One Leaves



Well-produced escapism with an obvious fondness for its subject, Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2 is a must for any wrestling fan.

Call yourself a wrestling fan? Then how come you’re not up to speed on Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia?

The second issue of this manic sci-fi comedy wrestling thriller starts by giving us a little more backstory on Rory Landell, but after his rant in the last issue, he seems to have caught the attention of some unwanted alien invaders, looking to turn earth into their very own private wrestling battleground.

The invaders are hard at work building a huge metal cage around the Earth, and getting ready to rumble in every major city around the globe.

Meanwhile, Rory is indulging himself in an out of touch Cantina, unaware of the wrestling carnage raining down on the planet outside.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2, by creative team Ed Kuehnel, Matt Entin (writers) and Dan Schkade (art) is a fast-paced, fun and lively comic book tale, that has a great premise, even if you aren’t a wrestling fan. The characters are engaging, and the sassy script and dialogue are complemented by the vivid art and colors that accompany it. The style of both the writing and art looks influenced by The Venture Brothers, and I almost expect Brock to show up any time.

The action sequences will bring a smile to any WrestleMania fan out there, and despite the cosmic silliness of the whole thing, there are character moments of a much smaller nature that show the creative team have a genuine love of the subject and are aware of the darker aspects that the business can deliver to those who have been used up and discarded.

Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia #2 is available on Comixology but recent news means that the book is being released as a floppy too.

Starburns Industries Press is printing the title, so you should be able to order the comic and get a physical copy soon bagged and boarded for your collection. Those in the know will recognize Starburns Industries as the production team behind Rick And Morty, so Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia is certainly in prestigious company.

If you are looking for something other than the ongoing crossovers and events from The Big 2, why not give this title a go? It’s fun escapism and well-produced entertainment that honestly no wrestling fan should miss out on.

Louie Fecou

Louie Fecou reviews films, tv shows and comics for Ready Steady Cut, HC Movie Reviews and We Have A Hulk.  He currently runs his own business in between watching films.

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