Blood & Treasure Recap: Of Course It’s A Secret Society!

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 2, 2019
Blood & Treasure Episode 5 recap: "The Brotherhood of Serapis"


“The Brotherhood of Serapis” brings the pace way down as a major character examines her loyalties.

This Blood & Treasure Episode 5 recap for the episode titled “The Brotherhood of Serapis” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the moving parts in Blood & Treasure Episode 5. This is the kind of show that gets really into the idea of secret societies, government agencies, freelancers and enigmatic terrorists; at this point, they’re all starting to blur together. Luckily “The Brotherhood of Serapis” made a point of slowing the pace right down; unluckily, it was pretty dull as a result.

That’s the thing, isn’t it? We complain that a show like this is too frenetic, too hurried to hone in on its characters and espouse a real viewpoint, but once it attempts to do those things you quickly realize that if it isn’t moving from one historical clue to another at breakneck speed then it just isn’t very good.

It certainly doesn’t help that Lexi’s internal conflict in “The Brotherhood of Serapis” is much too dry and played-out to be interesting. She’s a morally flexible career-criminal whose heart is fundamentally in the right place and who is eager to win back the affections of her upstanding lost love; we’ve seen all that before, and Sofia Pernas, as shockingly beautiful as she might be, is much better at selling the sassy international heartbreaker routine than she is at selling a believable human personality.

Then again, she doesn’t have much to bounce off. Fabi is the quintessential playing-both-sides muckety-muck and the Brotherhood of Serapis feels a bit too convenient, plot-wise, to qualify as either a threat or a potential factor in her inner turmoil. One gets the sense that Blood & Treasure Episode 5 includes a secret society just because it feels it should have one, and obviously also so that it can dispense reams of historical exposition and bend the plot into virtually whatever shape it chooses.

The fact that the Brotherhood of Serapis and Farouk both seem to have rather nebulous end-goals means there isn’t much long-term structure or tension to be found in Blood & Treasure, which is particularly noticeable in a slower-paced episode such as this one. Like, what are we supposed to be worried about here? What calamity are we trying to help prevent? Is there some kind of timescale before the end of the world happens? Is the end of the world even on the agenda?

Of course, all questions can’t be answered immediately, or there wouldn’t be any reason to keep watching. But this show feels in such a hurry to include every possible action-adventure trope possible that it’s stuffing them in without much thought. Lexi’s familial dramas are predictable and uninvolving; her double-agent shtick working alongside Danny but at the behest of the Brotherhood of Serapis isn’t much better; the idea that this wide-ranging historical conspiracy revolves so noticeably around our otherwise-random heroes is just too much to swallow.

All in all, then, a weak episode, ending on a dumb moral conundrum as Lexi must choose between the show’s hero and the entirely untrustworthy organization that she knows virtually nothing about. It’s hardly Sophie’s Choice, is it?

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