Blood & Treasure Recap: Can Anything Be This Lost? Land Grab



“The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida” was another slow and relatively uneventful episode in a series that increasingly seems to be stretched very thin.

This Blood & Treasure Episode 6 recap for the episode titled “The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Call me cynical, but I’m starting to think that stretching Blood & Treasure out over the summer might have been a bad idea. There just isn’t enough plot here. There are enough subplots and pointless diversions to fill the time, sure. But as far as genuinely meaningful storytelling is concerned, “The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida” did little to justify the series’ continued existence.

On the docket in “The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida” was a tech billionaire and the exchange of priceless antiquities for suspicious parcels of land. It’s a good excuse to go to Spain, I suppose, and if you’re still filling in your borrowed genre tropes bingo card you’ll have had a jolly old time in Blood & Treasure episode 6. There was sexy banter, cowboy hats, old maps, the whole shebang. But what did any of it really mean?

For the most part “The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida” was just another pin in the map; another brief detour before the next brief detour, with nary a lesson learned along the way. If I was being charitable, I might say that I rather enjoy Danny’s growing willingness to indulge in the shady side of all this international treasure hunting business, if only because it feels like character development of a sort in a show that hasn’t really bothered with such things at all.

But there’s no room for character development in “The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida” when there’s still the matter of about a hundred different plot threads to untangle. Everyone in this world seems to know each other, and everyone seems to have some stake in a global, ancient mystery. Was Lexi’s father involved? Will we ever see Aiden Shaw again? What does antiquities expert Simon Hardwick have to do with matters? Never mind these characters developing; I’d be happier if I knew what they were all up to.

Alas, this is where we are. Until the next episode, when we’ll presumably be somewhere else. I hope there’s a destination in mind eventually.

Jonathon Wilson

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