Blood & Treasure Recap: Don’t Leave Your Phone Lying Around

July 3, 2019
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This Blood & Treasure Episode 7 recap for the episode titled “Escape From Casablanca” contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Nazis seem to have a habit of always conducting their clandestine business in very filmable locations, and that trend continues in “Escape From Casablanca”, in which the latest clue in the hunt for Cleopatra’s missing sarcophagus takes Danny and Lexi to… well, Casablanca. Duh.

It’s all getting a bit complicated now. Lexi now knows — courtesy of Slimy Simon Hardwick — that her late father was a member of the Brotherhood of Serapis, and she’s also covertly working behind Danny’s back; Interpol, meanwhile, is onto the pair of them. Flying internationally, especially out of Europe, isn’t just a case of hopping on a plane.

Interpol — and Gwen, specifically — still feel like a tacked-on component of Blood & Treasure, and they’re mostly able to stay involved in the plot because Danny and Lexi keep making decisions that seem designed to antagonize them. This’ll factor into matters by the end of “Escape From Casablanca”, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The familiar trail wound through a refugee camp and intersected with mob boss Carlo and his men; chases, gunfights, the usual stuff. The action, usually overedited to the point of total incomprehensibility, was a bit clearer in “Escape From Casablanca”, I think because the show handles chases and shootouts slightly better than it does fistfights. Clues pointed towards a heavily-guarded local, and in an incredibly fortuitous coincidence, long-missing Aiden Shaw happens to work for him.

I’ve given up complaining about this kind of thing. Blood & Treasure‘s world feels impossibly small for a jet setting global adventure, but it is what it is. Shaw leads them to his employer, and his employer to someone else, the trail revolving around a mysterious symbol related to Cleopatra, a potential curse, and a story of two brothers. Silly? Sure. But totally par for the course with this kind of thing; and Blood & Treasure is nothing if not predictable. Seemingly just like that, Cleopatra’s sarcophagus is found. The problem is there’s nothing in it.

What follows is a rather complicated mixup involving Danny and Lexi, Carlo’s men, Farouk’s right-hand-man Omar, and Interpol. Have I mentioned that this show has far too many competing characters and groups? Well, I’m mentioning it again. But either way, almost everyone ends up being arrested, including Danny and lastly Lexi, who turns herself in after being cut out of the investigation by Danny, who found lots of suspicious behind-his-back messages on her burner phone after a long overdue romantic tryst. Phew.

“Escape From Casablanca”, then, ends with some promise that the series is heading in an interesting direction. After a couple of sedate and mostly uninteresting episodes, this is what was needed to rejuvenate the show now it’s in its difficult middle portion. It remains to seen if the momentum can be sustained, but after one of the stronger installments, I’d like to think we’re heading in the right direction.

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