Three Ups And Three Downs in Spider-Man: Far from Home

July 3, 2019
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Spider-Man: Far from Home is the first MCU film after the cinematic event known as Avengers: Endgame. Can the plucky web-slinger live up to the reputation the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created or did the franchise run out of steam? Read the review by the Ready Steady Cut team here, here and here. Here are three ups and three downs in Spider-Man: Far from Home.

This is a SPOILER WARNING. We are going to be discussing major plot details. If you haven’t seen the movie, please return after.

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Three Ups And Three Downs in Spider-Man: Far from Home

Up 1: Life after Avengers: Endgame

Peter must deal with his life after losing Tony, much like how the world has. Peter does want a break from his superhero responsibilities, which leaves him wondering whether he has what it takes to make it. Unlike Tony who embraced being a hero, Peter isn’t prepared for this, like Steve Rogers who felt he was and needed to be a hero until after he went back in time to give it up. Through the film Peter is drawn between the two outcomes, wondering why Tony would pick him to replace him one day, thinking one day he could step up, but right now he just wants to be a teenager. He is constantly believing other heroes would be better for the job, only he will need to learn that he is ready to step up. This is the more complex side of the film because in Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter was desperate to be noticed and help save the world; in Avengers he was reluctantly put into battle and now he needs to step up.

Down 1: The Blip

While seeing what Peter does next is a highlight, over-explaining what happened after the Avengers: Infinity War snap went on too long. We once again see another set of events that shows the dusting event happening, which does explain why the main cast of Peter, Jacob, MJ, Betty, and Flash are all the same age. It also dives into the ideas of what would happen with the homes and smaller details. The problem with this is clear: Spider-Man is a fun movie, we don’t need to get too involved with the deeper side of what happened between Infinity War and Endgame. It would have been nice just to give Peter his own adventure.

Up 2: Mysterio

Going into this movie, I personally knew nothing about Mysterio as a character. Not knowing anything about this character, barely reading or hearing his name in any comic book conversation, makes this an interesting choice as a villain. He starts off just wanting to be a hero that wants to help fill the void left behind by Tony, which did feel slightly bland. Once we learn about his position in the history of the events of the previous films, with his team, it does give the film a completely new direction that is entertaining and saves the film from being just average. Mysterio is also responsible for one of the greatest and scariest scenes in the MCU; the nightmare vision sequences that he puts Peter through is the best part of the movie. Jake Gyllenhaal embraces playing this role too, where he gets to show how easily he can turn into a power-hungry madman which shows the perfect opposite to the nervous, socially awkward Tom Holland performance.


Down 2: High School

Nearly everything about the high school’s random European trip was slow, boring and lacks the John Hughes spark the first film had. Seeing how the trip unfolds tries to fill the comedy side of the film, with most jokes falling flat. Ned is the only funny member of the school. Most of what we see is Flash being an a*s, MJ trying to be mysterious, and the two teachers trying to remain in control. Another complaint about the trip is the lack of science activity going on, only for the film to address this later on.

Up 3: The Future

The post-credits scenes are one of the biggest talking points in the film. The big reveals are first the return of J Jonah Jameson, played once again by J.K. Simmons. That isn’t the only stinger here, seeing how Mysterio’s team has gone on to twist the final act into making Spider-Man the villain who killed Mysterio, as well as revealing his true identity to the world. This is a truly shocking moment that opens the possibilities in the future to a new level that Peter has never experienced in a solo film.

Down 3: MJ

The character MJ is the primary love interest for Peter and I do respect the writers for trying to make her different from the previous films, only this doesn’t work for me. MJ has always come off as an outsider hiding from the world, popular when she wants to be in this universe, only before she was painted as the popular girl that did notice Peter when nobody else did. This could have been a chance to create a new, original love interest instead of slapping the popular name on a character with completely different traits to the one Kirsten Dunst made us love so much. This isn’t a dig at Zendaya, she has made this character her own, she just doesn’t feel like the girl next door anymore.

These were three ups and three downs in Spider-Man: Far from Home. What were your highs and lows?

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