Scream: Resurrection Recap: One Eye Open Needling



“Devil’s Night” offs a potential suspect in a particularly grim way, as the mystery continues to deepen.

This recap of Scream Season 3, Episode 2, “Devil’s Night”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Continuing to set the bar relatively high for this resurrection, Scream Season 3, Episode 2 sees the misfit Deadfast Club take matters into their own hands, paranoid about being the usual victims of an as-yet anonymous serial murderer with the mask and classic voice of genre legend Ghostface. And true to form for this new season, “Devil’s Night” takes things in some slightly unexpected directions.

With Deion at the center of the show, the likeliest culprit remains his presumed-dead twin, Marcus. I can’t quite tell if that would be much too obvious or fun for fans of the franchise who’re overly conditioned to expect last-minute twists and turns. Liv is certainly confident in the idea, but she should be more worried about why her standup police officer father is making it so easy for her to find clues.

The teens do the right thing in Scream Season 3, Episode 2, kidnapping their prime suspect: burnout drug dealer Shane (Tyler Posey), who lured them to the Ghostface-themed party in the first place, and apparently has a connection to its enigmatic benefactor, “Mr. Fade”. But “Devil’s Night” proves their assumptions incorrect. He, too, received a sinister text from Ghostface demanding that he shows his insides, which makes him as much of a potential victim as anyone. And by the end of the episode, he is a victim, taken out in a particularly unpleasant way — a syringe full of drugs right into the eyeball.

I like the idea that whoever is under the mask is keen on the teens exposing who they really are — Avery was killed, after all, for covering up his true nature. It makes the cast seem layered and suspicious by default; what are they all hiding that the killer is so annoyed about? Would Marcus, someone who felt he was abandoned by his own brother who is now a popular sportsman, be particularly touchy about peoples’ “true selves”? It certainly seems so. I suppose we’ll find out in good time.

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