Scream: Resurrection Recap: Never Have Sex In A Horror Movie! Into the Woods



“Ports in the Storm” pits the Deadfast Club against each other as suspicions build and we lose another cast member.

This recap of Scream Season 3, Episode 4, “Ports in the Storm”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Scream Season 3, Episode 4 picks up on a somber note, with the Deadfast Club arranging Manny’s funeral. Kym, in particular, is struggling with the whole thing, put off by the falseness of the mourning that she feels doesn’t represent who her friend really was. With a bouquet of white lilies, she receives a note from Ghostface that they must pick one of their friends to die, and that anyone who snitches will pay for it with their life.

The Club are falling apart in “Ports in the Storm”. They’re becoming increasingly suspicious of one another and frustrated with the so-called “rules” of the game; no matter how much they try to subvert the tropes, the outcomes still seem predetermined. Deion suggests that they should all nominate him to be killed next, since Ghostface has been after him since the beginning anyway, but Liv decides the best way to fight back is not to play at all.

Ah, Liv. Scream Season 3, Episode 4 goes to great lengths to present her as deeply suspicious, and the Deadfast Club increasingly believe she’s Ghostface. Amir goes to hide out with Beth, and is shocked to see her without makeup or jewelry; without her outgoing front to hide behind, she opens up about how her supposed horror expertise don’t make her any less frightened or vulnerable, and as she outlines her suspicions about Liv, the scene is interspersed with snippets of her behaving exactly as described, manipulating Deion because he believes himself to be the hero of the story.

Amir, meanwhile, is becoming much more confident in himself in “Ports in the Storm”. Impending death will do that to you. And his death is certainly impending since he commits the one act will always secure your fate according to the Horror Movie Survival Manual: He has sex with Beth. It’s also revealed that he sneakily texted Deion’s name to Ghostface as his nomination for who should die next — a rookie error since the note explicitly included a line about snitches being killed. Deion isn’t the next target, Amir is.

Elsewhere in Scream Season 3, Episode 4, evidence continues to pile up against Liv. First, Deion finds a receipt for white lilies in her possession. Then she rats Deion out to her dad for carrying a gun, ostensibly to prevent him from leaving and putting himself in danger. Liv’s dad drives Deion to a secluded spot, but as it turns out only to warn him about her. Since he and her mother’s divorce, Liv has been acting increasingly irrationally and he’s worried that she might be unstable.

Of course, in an eerily-lit woodland, it was inevitable that Ghostface would show up. He (or she, I suppose) attacks Liv’s father and sets Deion up to take the fall for it. Back at Beth’s comically huge house, Ghostface arrives. (There’s a brief time lapse here, but it’s looking more and more likely that there is more than one killer; if not the killer’s ability to travel around is a more interesting mystery than his or her identity.) With Amir’s fate already essentially sealed, it’s only a matter of time until Ghostface catches up with him, but “Ports in a Storm” is able to wring some tension out of the chase all the same. Eventually Amir is caught, skewered by a bone saw and cleaved in two by an ascending elevator; a cool kill for everyone but him. In his final moments he removes Ghostface’s mask, and clearly recognises the killer.

Scream Season 3, Episode 4 ends with the Deadfast Club — what remains of them, anyway — rendezvousing at Beth’s house, where the police arrive and arrest Deion for attacking Liv’s father. A young black man arrested for attacking a cop? I’m sure that’ll go well!

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