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Oberon #5, the final issue from creative team Ryan Parrott and Milos Slavkovich, brings AfterShock’s fantasy adventure to a satisfying conclusion.

So we are lucky enough that every now and again, we receive some previews of upcoming comics from the good people at AfterShock. Oberon #5 just arrived, the final issue from creative team Ryan Parrott and Milos Slavkovich in a fantasy-based adventure that deals with faerie folk, magic and betrayal.

I won’t even pretend to try and figure out the arc that the characters have gone on during this 5-issue series, but needless to say, there are moments of conclusion here, as well as an open-ended resolution that implies there will be more to come.

Oberon #5 kicks off with a confrontation between Ronnie (Oberon) and Puck, who obviously have some past between them, but it has all gone a bit sour by the time I catch up with them here. Puck, a former servant, seems to be working with Titania, and from what I can gather, they are searching for The Lovet. although who or what it actually is seems to be a point of consternation.

You can tell this is something of a final act, as threads from previous issues are mentioned and, to a certain extent, resolved. The story in Oberon #5 flows along nicely, and I quite liked the art from Slavkovich, who has some nice detail in there, and it reminds me a little of Charles Vess.

If you are a fan of the more fantasy-realmed issues of Sandman, then you may enjoy searching out the previous issues of this title, or possibly it will arrive soon as a trade. The magic mixes with a more Earthbound plotline, and the arrival of The Nevermen is a very Gaiman/Doctor Who kind of enemy.

The rating on Oberon #5 is for age 12 and up, as there is a certain amount of violence on hand.

All in all, if you enjoy exploring the worlds of faeries, magic, and fantasy, there is a good chance Oberon #5 will appeal to you. The colors, art, and lettering all work with the style of the story and this seems to be another nice title from AfterShock that is a little different from the usual superhero fare from the larger publishers out there.

Try and grab the story from issue #1 though, as I imagine there are a few surprises here that will have regular readers shocked.

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