Blood & Treasure Recap: I Genuinely Liked This Episode And Can’t Think Of A Snarky Headline For It Mmm, words.



“The Wages of Vengeance” was a genuinely strong episode, with real surprises. Even the patter was enjoyable.

This recap of Blood & Treasure Season 1, Episode 10, “The Wages of Vengeance”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Well, fancy that — “The Wages of Vengeance” was a legitimately good episode of television. I never thought I’d be writing those words, yet here we are. It took most of the first season, but Blood & Treasure Episode 10 felt, for the first time, like the show really finding its groove. The plot developments felt meaningful and unexpected. The mystery felt like it was coming together. I even enjoyed some of the insipid character banter, although I wouldn’t put any money on me continuing to. But I can’t lie: Blood & Treasure Season 1, Episode 10 was its best yet, and I hope there are more like it.

It wasn’t even the ballsy decision to kill off Farouk, although that was certainly a surprise. There were lots of small details and character dynamics in “The Wages of Vengeance” that really helped the show’s big, jet setting cast to come together, to feel like they were all part of the same mystery and integral to its unraveling. This was partly thanks to Gwen and Father Chuck, two characters who have thus far felt underused in the case of the former and contrived in the case of the latter, as enjoyable as his patter might have sometimes been. But Blood & Treasure Episode 10 brought them together, with Gwen arresting Chuck and then being psychoanalyzed by him to such an extent that she later formed a helpful truce with Danny and Lexi, in a way that benefitted the show and made both feel valuable.

Speaking of which, we also got more backstory on the enigmatic Brotherhood of Serapis, including a new lead on the location of Farouk, and the fact he cares for a sickly niece was valuable too. Humanising the villain — and having the heroes fall just short of capturing him — isn’t a new or surprising move in this kind of show, but “The Wages of Vengeance” was able to play on that familiarity later in Blood & Treasure Episode 10, when Danny and Lexi caught up with Farouk again, and Simon wound up killing him.

For once, Simon’s presence was very much appreciated in Blood & Treasure Season 1, Episode 10 — his smugness, his relevant expertise, and his poorly-hidden anxiety over encountering his kidnapper and torturer again really brought his character together. He felt, for once, like he had a reason to be there. And the fact he was there took the show’s overarching plot in a surprising direction; now, without a primary villain, there’s really no telling where it might go in the next few episodes, even though the immediate concern is preventing his men from using a biological weapon.

And then here’s the Brotherhood and the revelation that Lexi is a direct descendant of Cleopatra’s bloodline. I’m still not sure how I feel about the convenience of that whole thing, but for the first time, I’m willing to take the show at its word. Maybe it has more of a long-term plan than I thought. I’m just thankful to finally be enjoying it.

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