All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers – Season 4 Review: Needing That Super Bowl Ring

July 19, 2019
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Documentary series All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers - Amazon Original Series


Documentary series All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers is a great addition to the Amazon Original series, revealing the season of 2018 for the Panthers.

Documentary series All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers was released on Amazon Prime on July 19, 2019.

On the same day Netflix releases the explosive season 4 of Last Chance UAmazon Prime spoils us with an original, giving us incredible insight into NFL team Carolina Panthers. As expected, it is not as controversial as the Netflix series; this is top-level football — more money, more expectation to remain professional and the contrast is terrifying; going from Coach Brown to a civil-looking set of team players. Regardless, seeing the daily routine of these players and coaches, and the often extremely tense games, makes the documentary series a smooth hit. There’s something about American Football that romanticizes with team spirit and tactics at the highest level. All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers is at that level.

Cam Newton, the season’s MVP of 2015 was destined to be the center-point of this documentary. Since his painful defeat to the Patriots for the Super Bowl, commentators have continuously asked the question of the Quarter Back – when will he finally get that Super Bowl Ring? All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers toys with that notion like a flirty journalist, but it quickly turns to the team, and the instilled ethos brought on by the coach Ron Rivera. 

The 2018 season was a year of nostalgia and last chances for Carolina Panthers. A lot of players were in their prime, and many were talking to the press leaning to the fact that this could be their last season as a player in the NFL. You can feel the weight of expectation in All or Nothing; with a few defeats their dreams of finally reaching that elusive crown, the Super Bowl, could be officially over.

All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers focuses on the training facilities, the new owner David Tepper who bought them in 2018, and the strategies implemented by the coaching staff. There’s the right balance between each episode, showing family life, friends, the highs and the lows. Regardless if you watch American Football, the window into a billion-dollar sporting franchise is to be appreciated. Cam Newton opens the series asking if Beyonce songs can be classed as listening to classics – storming on to the training field with a spring in his step — it’s clear that the Bohemian Quarter Back is the heart of this team.

All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers is a great addition to the growing series and one that proudly nestles into the Amazon thumbnails. It’s difficult not to enjoy this type of documentary series.

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