Blood & Treasure Recap: Keep Your Friends Close

July 24, 2019
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“Return of the Queen” continues the show’s newfound momentum, as old secrets are uncovered and new villains emerge.



“Return of the Queen” continues the show’s newfound momentum, as old secrets are uncovered and new villains emerge.

This recap of Blood & Treasure Season 1, Episode 11, “Return of the Queen”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

After last week’s surprisingly solid and solidly surprising installment, Blood & Treasure Episode 11 maintains the momentum with “Return of the Queen”, another pacey hour full of developments and absurd contrivances. With the late Farouk’s men still continuing his schemes, new leads exposing dangerous additional threats, and the continuing uncertainty around who can be trusted, there’s a lot going on in Blood & Treasure Season 1, Episode 11 that’s worth unpacking.

“Return of the Queen”, right from the beginning, lends an unusual amount of focus to Danny’s wealthy, avuncular benefactor Jay, which anyone who is familiar with pulpy jet setting adventure stories knows can only mean one thing: He’s probably a bad guy. I said he was suspicious way back in the premiere episode, and since then his jovial mentorship of Danny hasn’t done much to dispel those suspicions. As soon as Blood & Treasure Episode 11 began showing warm, filtered flashbacks of him rearing a young Danny, to whom being a suave man of international archeological mystery evidently didn’t come naturally, I had an idea of where things were going.

But the path to get there was winding and once again enjoyable now that the show has really found its groove. With Antony at risk of being pilfered once again, Danny and Lexi follow a new lead, an enigmatic narco called Sanchez who bought Cleopatra’s sarcophagus and disappeared, while Gwen looks into the money trail from a shell company to someone named Zara Farouk, even though, as Simon points out, Farouk’s entire identity was apparently a nom de guerre.

The first stop of “Return of the Queen” is in Italy, where Sanchez’s daughter Soledad lives. There, for some reason, is Aiden Shaw, who just walks himself back into the plot of Blood & Treasure Episode 11 with no fanfare at all. But he’s useful, obviously. His extensive experience in import and export means he has many contacts in the Bermuda Triangle, where a pathetically obvious clue leads Danny and Lexi next. As they board their flight, we see that the plane is fitted with a tracker, which never bodes well.

Shaw’s contact is as useful as he is — temporarily, anyway. Using maps of the islands and what little information they know of Sanchez and the history of the area, Danny is able to narrow down the search to a chain of islands thought to be inaccessible thanks to their surrounding waters being littered with mines. Luckily, Shaw’s contact has a map, which allows Danny, Lexi, and Shaw to find just the right beach, where the wreckage of Sanchez’s plane is lying around just a few yards from the shore. Retracing his steps to a craggy hideout, they find the skeletal corpse of Sanchez, a self-inflicted bullet hole in his skull, and also Cleopatra’s sarcophagus.

Well, that was easy.

Except nothing is ever that easy in this show, and Blood & Treasure Season 1, Episode 11 proves that again. We get to see the brief “Return of the Queen”, but she’s gone again just as quickly when Shaw’s apparently trustworthy contact betrays them. After managing to escape, they discover the bodies of him and his men on the rocks outside, and Cleopatra missing. The Brotherhood of Serapis? Farouk’s men? Someone else?

This is the argument that causes something of a rift between Danny and Lexi in Blood & Treasure Episode 11. With recent revelations about her bloodline and her connection to the Brotherhood, she’s reticent to blame them without evidence. But a call to Soledad to inform her of her father’s fate gives her another idea: Simon has the Brotherhood bugged, and his recordings might reveal once and for all who’s to blame. In the meantime, Antony has gone missing too; snatched from right under the noses of Jay and his organization. Which might be a clue in itself. Gwen, after being attacked in a still overedited but slightly more comprehensible scene early on in “Return of the Queen”, pursued her own leads. And what she turned up suggests that Jay might have been in on the whole conspiracy all along.

Here, have a cliffhanger, Blood & Treasure. You’ve earned it.

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