Light as a Feather Recap: Community Service

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 26, 2019 (Last updated: November 14, 2023)
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Hulu series Light as a Feather Season 2, Episode 2 - Free As a Bird


Light as a Feather Season 2, Episode 2, “Free As a Bird” sees the main character meander around – a somewhat empty chapter in the series.

This recap of Hulu’s Light as a Feather Season 2, Episode 2, “Free As a Bird” contains significant spoilers. You can read the review of season 2 by clicking these words.

With McKenna (Liana Liberato) panicking about the darkness that is consuming her, episode 2, “Free As a Bird” sees the character becoming desperate. Her friend’s behavior concerns Alex (Brianne Tju), who is currently entertaining a love interest that sideswiped her for being in high school in the previous episode. Her concerns become validated next time they meet their lawyers. McKenna has decided to tell them that she lied about her statement, meaning that Violet (Haley Ramm) is free.

The three women have to partake in community service. What is unsettling about episode 2, is how relaxed and casual Violet is about the whole ordeal. She’s flagrantly disliked for obvious reasons, yet she strolls around the neighborhood freely. McKenna genuinely believes that Violet can sort the chrysalis problem, but becomes horrified when Violet suggests that they can play the game again.

With McKenna’s boyfriend Trey getting tired of all her lies and opting for a break, her life is slowly but surely falling apart, with photo frames acting strange, and her immediate reality starting to distort at times randomly. Meanwhile, Violet kind of lounges around like the entire situation is normal. I’m not sure if it’s too early to tell in the season, but so far the story is too predictable and relaxed considering what is at stake. “Free As a Bird” offers little progress at all apart from the fact that McKenna is concerned.

The question is, will McKenna go to the same lengths Violet did in season 1? Light as a Feather season 2, episode 2, “Free As a Bird” gives zero indication into where this is heading, but it is still early days

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