Three Ups and Three Downs in Fast & Furious 8

July 27, 2019
Darren -Lucas 0

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw is hitting cinemas on the 1st of August, and to celebrate this upcoming battle of man muscles, cars, and kick-a*s women, we are going to look at the last outing in the franchise, Fast & Furious 8, one that did have very public problems around its production. We need to see if we can still enjoy this wildly over the top action film. This isn’t one of my personal favorites in the franchise either.

This will contain full spoilers for the film.

hobbs and shaw.png

Up 1: Hobbs & Shaw

This is an easy one. The pair went from sworn enemies to best of friends as they are looking to prove themselves to be the better man, be it in fighting, driving or just insulting each other. It starts with them just being opposite each other in the prison cells, before an elaborate prison escape and the two learning they have come from similar backgrounds. Deckard does bond with the whole crew, just like how Hobbs did in Fast 6. If you want the comedy that hits, this pair will hit nearly every time.

Down 1: Replacing Paul Walker

After the tragic passing of Paul Walker, Furious 7 was able to say goodbye to the popular character, leaving tears in the eyes of the audience along the way. In Fast & Furious 8, we do try to replace Paul Walker with Scott Eastwood, and granted this is completely Eastwood’s fault, as he is meant to be playing a stricter role that Brian was, but did we need a young agent trying to join a crew in this already overly bloated movie? The answer is no. It is as simple as that.

Up 2: Cipher

Cipher being the latest villain in the franchise, she has been controlling the events of the previous films too, she is in complete control, she knows how to turn Dom, use whatever she wants to remain in control and get what she wants, making her one of the most dangerous women in the world. Charlize Theron takes this role and gets to deliver the coldest lines in any of the franchise films, which sees her perform the execution of one of the series’ side characters without blinking an eye.


Down 2: Roman, Tej and Ramsey Romance

I will admit that in the past Roman has been a character I enjoy laughing at more than with. Most of the scenes with Roman and Tej in Fast & Furious 8 see them needing to compete for the affectations of Ramsey despite her having no interest in either of them when they act this way. Most of this just feels like it has been thrown in for teenage-level reactions, which almost gets embarrassing to watch at times.

Up 3: The Airplane Fight

During the closing sequence, Deckard has been ‘killed’ by Dom, which gives him a chance to reteam with his brother Owen (which is also a huge surprise) to track down and take over Cipher’s plane, rescuing Dom’s baby along the way. The whole sequence of Deckard trying to keep the baby calm while killing the enemies is just brilliant, Statham shows he has perfect comedy timing even when he is meant to be hitting and killing bad guys while protecting a baby.

Down 3: The Female Characters

Outside of Cipher who was brilliant, Letty is just Dom’s girlfriend who doesn’t believe he has gone bad, that is about all that comes from her character in this film. Sure she does get involved in the driving, but compared to the main events of the film, she is just there. Ramsey as previously mentioned is just a love interest, throwing out a smart line, which usually leads to one of the male characters running with her sentence. Finally, Elena, the Brazilian cop that was first introduced by Hobbs, being one of the people that Dom trusts and gets into a relationship with during the time Letty was ‘dead’, has had his baby and is taken to force Dom into committing the crimes. She is just locked up with the baby and is disposable for the franchise. These are three strong characters that could easily have a bigger impact on the story.

What are your ups and downs from Fate of the Furious?