Marvel Previews Round-Up | October 2019

August 3, 2019
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This is our Marvel Previews for October 2019. You can still check out our previous round-up for releases in September by clicking these words.

The Marvel onslaught continues, as the company throws absolutely everything at the shelves in the hope that something sticks. Yes, Marvel marches on, and comic shop shelves everywhere bear the strain of multiple unsold copies, variant covers, true believer reprints, and rebooted characters. Let us jump right in.

Marvel Previews for October 2019: First Issues

There is a whole truckload of first issues to look for. Leah Williams gives us The Amazing Mary Jane #1, with an Humberto Ramos cover, and at long last, you can pick up Jonathon Hickman’s first issue of X-Men — lots of variants, of course. Meanwhile, Excalibur gets a reboot by Tini Howard, and we see The Otherworld rocked by war and Captain Britain is relaunched to cope with it. Marauders #1 is another X-book by Gerry Duggan, with Captain Kate Pryde sailing the seas, like a pirate I imagine. Spider-Verse is the first of 6 issues with Miles Morales, probably falling through a portal, and Ghost Rider gets a new issue #1 by Ed Brisson, with the return of Johnny Blaze, and Brisson is also behind the crossover event (sighs heavily, keeps typing), Contagion, a 5-issue run following an unstoppable force that has invaded the Marvel Universe. Insert your own joke here.

In another part of town, Absolute Carnage continues to run wild with issue 4 of the title by Cates and Eddie looks down and out while Cletus looks triumphant, the crossovers continue with VS Deadpool #3, Immortal Hulk #1, Lethal Protectors #3, Miles Morales #3, Scream #3, Venom #19 and Amazing Spider-Man #31 and #32 guest starring Norman Osborne.

Marvel Previews for October 2019: Spidey and One-Shots

More Spidey titles, and if you are buying all of these, you must be a real fan. Look for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #13, Superior Spider-Man #12, Miles Morales #11, Ghost Spider #3, Black Cat #5 and Velocity #3, of 5.

Fed up of ongoing titles, do not worry, there are so many one-shots coming out for October you will need to clear a space for them all. Look for a relaunch of Marvel Zombies; if DC is doing it, Marvel is redoing it. Red Goblin Red Death by Pat Gleason, Rob Fee, and Sean Ryan, yep three writers on this one shot, a reboot of Bizarre Adventures to help celebrate Marvels 80th year, and Future Fight First White Fox, try asking for that in a hurry, and there are other titles in that one shot series too, go look for yourself.

Marvel Previews for October 2019: On-Goings

In the ongoings things are running as usual, however, Immortal Hulk #25 looks interesting, as usual, with a double-sized issue and variant covers, and I don’t want to spoil anything in a preview, but I strongly urge you to book a copy of this now.

Avengers #25 brings their Ghost Rider story to a conclusion, all this Ghost Rider stuff makes you wonder if Marvel is going to re-launch the movie or something, Savage Avengers #6 has a doozy of a last page, and the first annual of this title has the Son Of Satan in it.

Captain Marvel #11 sees the world turning its back on Carol Danvers, oh the irony, and Tony Stark Iron Man #17 makes us wonder if Tony Stark is indeed dead, oh the irony. Doctor Strange gets his very own annual by Tini Howard, and one of the dark relics in the Sanctum Sanctorum awakens and goes nuts through the whole place, which sounds like the plot to Annabelle Comes Home to me, House Of Ideas indeed.

Black Panther #17 sees the return of Killmonger, Silver Surfer Black concludes with issue #5, Guardians Of The Galaxy #10 continues to try and convince us Rocket is going to die, Squirrel Girl #49 is the second to last issue, but good news, Daredevil #12 is out and there is a bit of a shock in store for Wilson Fisk. Dead Man Logan concludes with issue #12, Fearless concludes with issue# 4.

These were our Marvel previews for October 2019. Our recommendation? Grab Immortal Hulk #25 in October, you won’t be sorry.

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