How Much Does It Cost To Be A Comic Book Fan?

August 9, 2019
Louie Fecou 0
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So you watched a film and now you are a geek, so the next best thing to do in between movies is to track down the actual source material that the film you loved came from. So it’s off to town in the hope you can find a comic book shop that has managed to survive the downturn in comic book sales, and there, in among the wall of Funko Pop dolls and incredibly overpriced statues of Harley Quinn, are the comics. But how much does it cost to be a comic book fan?

So, Batman it is, as the Nolan trilogy was just the grittiest comic book adaptation ever, and despite what everyone else says, Batman v Superman is a classic, as long as you watch the Snyder cut.

If the comics are as good as the films, that means every Wednesday you can effectively get a new chapter in the life of one of the most iconic fictional characters ever created. So imagine it’s September and lets dive right in.

Got to grab Batman of course, and Batman comes out twice a month now, so grab issue #78 and #79. 78 costs $3.99, but you can get a card stock variant of #79 for $4.99, so better get that one.

However, Batman has another major title that just went past issue #1000, so it must be good, so look for Detective Comics, find issues #1011 and #1012, twice a month you see, and they are both $3.99.

Underneath a pile of unsold Black Panthers, you also come across a facsimile edition of Batman #181, best grab it $3.99.

Batman/Superman #2 is stuffed in next to that, and you liked the movie, so grab that, $3.99.

When you get to the counter, the balance is at $25, but when the assistant sees you enjoy Batman, he brings a few other things to your attention.

Batman And The Outsiders #35 and Batman Beyond #36 are great reads, so you grab them, and you cannot pass up on new Neal Adams title Ras Al Ghul issue #2, he was in the films you know, so add another $3.99.

Also, Event Leviathan #4 is out, and it features Batman vs Superman, so best to grab that, card stock variant, another $4.99.

Batman Universe #3 is out, and it is really great fun, so you pick that up too, another $4.99. Batman: Curse Of The White Knight is the best Bat book out just now so you grab that at another $4.99.

Things are adding up now, so you manage to dodge a few bullets, mainly Batgirl, Batman and TMNT, Harleen #1, Catwoman #15 and Justice League.

Running total: $44. Never mind trade paperbacks, back issues of mini-series’ and a Funko Pop doll of The Golden Age Batman.

$44 a month, just to keep up with The Bat, never mind anything else you might want to try.

I imagine there are very few new comic book readers willing to lay that down every month, so they might just grab the two Batman or Detective titles and be happy with that. And now you know why events are so prolific in the world of comics, as it encourages readers to buy the tie-ins to follow the whole story.

Really, to follow every book out there, you need a lot of disposable income and a lot of time. The hobby is no longer a casual buy from the grocery store spinner rack.

You want to be up to speed, then be prepared to spend the cash.

If you were to buy every book DC will put out in September, you could be hitting the $300 mark, add Marvel to that and it will cost you around another $500.

Comic book collecting is an expensive time and space-consuming endeavor, and before you tell me nobody collects everything, check out YouTube creators that buy and review every week. They must be making a fortune from ad revenue.

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