GLOW Recap: The Show Must Go On In Light Of The Tragedy



GLOW Season 3, Episode 1, “Up, Up, Up” satisfies the requirements of an opening chapter, but it’s barely an exciting opening.

This recap of Netflix’s GLOW Season 3, Episode 1, “Up, Up, Up” contains significant spoilers. You can read the season review by clicking these words. 

The opening episode to the third season, “Up, Up, Up” is markedly one-note, but the strength of the characters make it worth its while.

But ah, cue the cheesy beats, Netflix’s GLOW is back for the third season, and the gorgeous ladies have to perform in unprecedented circumstances. With the opening night in Vegas hours away at the Fan-Tan Casino after landing the gig in the previous season, a national tragedy unfolds live on TV. Before it happens, Ruth and Debbie were on TV promoting their show, and the interviewer asks them to commentate on NASA’s latest launch. As Ruth gets into character, finding the high of being on TV, she starts mocking the shuttle as it explodes.

Now, Ruth’s wording was terrible timing, and with Russell unable to comfort her as he’s unable to travel to Vegas, the ironic title, “Up, Up, Up” sees our favorite wrestlers downbeat about the show. The rehearsals are lacking drive or energy; everyone is distracted by what they saw on TV.

“Up, Up Up” sees Ruth’s guilt spill over, asking Debbie and Sam if they could address the tragedy as part of the show, but her idea is quickly dismissed.

To lighten the mood, Episode 1 of Season 3 sees Debbie finding a way of lifting spirits. She persuades the Casino owner to provide the group with a case of chips so they can hit the floor. Ruth is still gloomy about the day’s events, so Debbie shows her name in the lights outside of the Casino. This was a moment where the importance of performing in Las Vegas is highlighted.

The opening night is a success, and the women get changed and prepped for the party afterward — the tragedy freer from their minds.

Netflix’s GLOW Season 3, Episode 1, “Up, Up, Up” is a satisfactory start, but I am hoping there is more engaging drama to come.

Spandex Stories

  • In a throwaway scene, Bash and Rhonda confess their love for each other.
  • In a more important scene, Ruth and Sam share a pre-party-drink before the party. The sexual tension between them is still there, and with Russell already playing games, will the two finally get together?

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