GLOW Recap: A Day’s Break In Vegas You Must Know I'm In Love With You



GLOW Season 3, Episode 2, “Hot Tub Club” deals with the characters’ personal problems in isolation as they have a day’s break in Vegas.

This recap of Netflix’s GLOW Season 3, Episode 2, “Hot Tub Club” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

This is better — character development and continuity in the story. GLOW works better when it focuses on the women.

“Hot Tub Club” is a painful one for Debbie. Due to her career, she’s had to sacrifice a lot of time with her son, and only see him occasionally. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her — as she takes a flight back, the father of her baby rings her up and says he just started walking as she left. In my opinion, that was a jerk move to tell the story that way. It only broke her heart.

Episode 2 focuses on Arthie and Bash. These two are a great couple to watch, but they hit a snag in “Hot Tub Club”. There’s an intimate dilemma. Yolanda is getting frustrated in the bedroom because Arthie will not allow her partner to pleasure her. They have a brief routine argument, and Arthie explains she does not feel sexy. This is reminiscent of the story in Orange Is the New Black where her new partner won’t allow that type of intimacy either. They manage to overcome the issue.

The best moments in Episode 2 come from Ruth and Sam, who have had a complicated friendship since the start of GLOW. The tragedy of their wondrous connection extends to the screen; they are best friends in disguise, but they cannot walk that bridge. In “Hot Tub Club”, Ruth wants to work on her day off, but Sam wants her to relax and decides to teach her how to gamble. She gets into it, with loads of money made and time passing by. They also have a 5-hour lunch, talking and drinking. Ruth says the one sentence that throws Sam a little — “this has been the best day”.

Netflix’s GLOW Season 3, Episode 2, “Hot Tub Club” ends with Ruth joining Sam in the hot tub while he was enjoying his peace. He describes how frustrating he finds their friendship and that she is “making it impossible” for him to remain grown up. He reveals he is in love with her, but she hints that his age is a reason why she does not want to ruin their friendship. Tammé joins them in the hot tub, making the situation more awkward.

Spandex Stories

  • Bash struggles with relationships, so when Rhonda has an all-day migraine, he leaves her in bed — later he joins her, apologetic.
  • When Ruth’s boyfriend joins them in Las Vegas, how will Sam react?
  • Sam reveals he’s writing another screenplay.

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