GLOW Recap: Body Insecurities & Family Planning

August 9, 2019
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Netflix series GLOW Season 3, Episode 3 - Desert Pollen


GLOW Season 3, Episode 3, “Desert Pollen” involves insecurities about body image, and it delivers the subject well.

This recap of Netflix’s GLOW Season 3, Episode 3, “Desert Pollen” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

“Desert Pollen” is an essential episode for GLOW, as it delves into other insecurities of body image. The issues start when Cherry notices that the performances have turned sloppy, so takes them to a Showgirl dance class. Debbie starts showing insecurities about her body.

As the women are put through their paces, Sam and Bash play tennis with Lev and Jerry Zeissman, two men high up in showbiz, meaning Bash always wants to gossip and laugh at their jokes. Lev and Jerry visit the women’s dressing room after the wrestling show and come out with outrageous and demeaning comments. Sam was not best pleased.

There’s a hilarious moment involving Melrose in Episode 3. After pulling a “hot man” at the Casino, she believes he thinks she is a hooker and thinks he will be paying her after. After sex, he asks her if $200 is enough, and it dawns on her that he is a male hooker. He is not best pleased when he realizes she has no intention of paying. This was a great twist by GLOW; I did not see that coming.

As for Denise, she is planning children with Keith, but after talking to the dance instructor Denise, who has had to accept career pitfalls due to children, she returns home and tells Keith that she does not think she wants a family. An emotional Keith cannot keep his thoughts intact and walks out to get a drink.

As GLOW Season 3, Episode 3, “Desert Pollen” ends, Ruth tries to cheer Debbie up, explaining to her that she’s a hot mother and deserves to eat a cheeseburger. When Debbie returns to her hotel room, she turns on one of the videos of her daughter, smiles briefly, then goes into the bathroom to force herself to throw up.  Episode 3 demonstrated the pressure placed on women in regards to their bodies in the entertainment industry and it delivers the message correctly.

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  • It’s a little awkward between Sam and Ruth after their hot tub conversation, but even more so when he catches Ruth with her boobs out.
  • Tammé and Shiela join an acting class, and Sheila gets upset when the instructor criticizes how she looks and act.

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