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GLOW Season 3, Episode 8, “Keep Ridin'” focuses mostly on Ruth, who is experiencing a life crisis as GLOW becomes too routine.

This recap of Netflix’s GLOW Season 3, Episode 8, “Keep Ridin’” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Ruth is bored ladies and gentleman. Mind-numbingly bored. The third season is less about the wrestling and more about where the characters are heading. “Keep Ridin'” opens up with the 50th Show. No-one cares though, and to highlight the routineness of their lives, it shows Ruth peeling off her make up while everyone in the background gets changed for the next 150 shows.

So Episode 8 sees Ruth having significant doubts about the direction of her life, and with her boyfriend routinely calling her with updates of finding a career in Spain, she doesn’t even have a credible love life.

“Keep Ridin'” also updates us on Bash and Rhonda’s marriage. With the fortune Bash inherited, they are on a spending spree, splashing out on new shows and thinking of new ideas. But by the end of the chapter, cracks begin to show — as Rhonda tries to entice him in the bedroom sexually, he tells her not to worry too much: “I’d want to stay married to you if we never even had sex again”. Bash, women do not want to hear that.

Cherry is in deep trouble with the Casino manager in Episode 8. She’s been stealing and owes the establishment $5k. This provides an entertaining scene of Cherry and Carmen partaking in mud wrestling to earn the extra dollar.

It’s not all doom and gloom in a reasonably miserable chapter for the characters. GLOW Season 3, Episode 8, “Keep Ridin'” ends with Ruth taking a psychic reading, and then she gets a call from Sam. He wants her to take a role in Justine’s movie.

Spandex Stories

  • Sheila and Ruth practice lines for a charity ball — it’s clear Sheila is highly skilled at acting.
  • Debbie is practicing horse riding. Plus her new relationship seems to be going well.

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